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Painted Backdrop ideas For Your Unique Wedding

Awe-Inspiring Hand-cut, Hand-folded, Paper Foliage Ideas


“A good marriage is one which allows for change 

and growth in the individuals and in the 

way they express their love.” -- Pearl S. Buck

When you first think of planning your wedding, what comes to mind first?

The meal, the dress, the music, and the venue are large pieces that deserve a lot of attention. But beyond these, there are plenty of other details to consider to make your wedding special. A special wedding backdrop is one of those seemingly unimportant details that actually make a big difference - guests will often take photos in front of it, admire a unique background, and associate your backdrop with your overall wedding layout.

One of the more standout backdrop wedding ideas for your special day is to incorporate painted leaves/feathers into the layout.

Painted Backdrop ideas For Your Unique Wedding

Memorable Wedding Backdrops

Feathers are a popular decoration that have found their way into multiple trends: feathers in hair, designs on clothes, and much more. Nowadays, they are an up-and-coming trend for wedding backdrops. Soft and elegant, feathers contribute to a more intimate feel when it comes to your wedding atmosphere. These types of unique backdrops are perfect for a spring or summertime wedding.

Many weddings often feature a flower or grass wall for a wedding backdrop, or even more glitzy ones with lights or sparkles all around. A painted leave/feather wall stands out from these due to the varied nature of individual feathers - when painted, you have the flexibility to determine color combinations, sizes and more to make a truly one-of-a-kind backdrop for your wedding. Discuss potential leave/feather backdrop options with one of our day wedding planner to decide what would be best for your reception. 

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Making Your Painted Feather Backdrop

After you’ve decided a feather backdrop is right for you, it’s time to decide how you want it to look. You can use actual leaves/feathers, or leverage paper cut into leaves/feathers for a more robust structure.

When it comes to hanging your leaves/feather backdrop, it is best to go with a see-through, thin string such as a fishing line to keep everything together. This will give you flexibility in how you want to layout your various leaves/feathers and the amount of space you want to keep between them without there being any noticeable support structures in your overall backdrop. Your on the day coordinator can help you decide which layout would work best with the venue.

Some people choose to use a bold piece at the top of their backdrop to hang their various leaves/feathers. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can get creative with this piece - if you have a rustic or fairytale wedding, for example, consider using a larger painted tree branch for a woodsy look. If you are having a modern or vintage wedding, you could use a gold bar to contribute to the overall standout quality of your backdrop.

wedding event-wedding theme-backdrop-foliage-wedding theme-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Awe-Inspiring Hand-cut Hand-folded Paper Foliage Ideas
Final thoughts 
Painted leaves/feather backdrops are truly unique pieces that will capture the attention and memories of your guests for years to come. It can bring together your overall wedding design as a standout piece your guests will visit throughout your reception. Speak with one of our wedding coordinators for more creative wedding reception ideas to truly bring your ideas to life!





  1. That's an amazing looking feather backdrop. It's beautiful! (Here via Happiness is Homemade)

    1. Yes, they sure are. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Love the deep gray feather cut outs and neutral ones as well! Thanks for sharing at the Friday with Friends link party.

    1. Thank you. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow, that is so creative and the result is stunning! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


    1. They sure are. Thanks for visiting.

  4. The last one, with gold is absolutely stunning!

    1. We think so too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting ideas for creating a unique wedding look.



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