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Remaining Classic in a Trendy World

Four Classic Wedding Touches that Will Never Go Out of Style

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

—Yves Saint Laurent

When it comes to the art of tying the knot, there's no shortage of modern trends and styles.
But there are some classic wedding traditions that never go out of style. While a traditional “white dress and tuxedo” ceremony may seem old fashioned to some modern brides, there are elements of the classic wedding ceremony that you shouldn’toverlook. 

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate some timeless touches into your nuptials while still maintaining that modern flair.

In a World Full of Trends, I want to Remain Classic: 

1. Stay Traditional with Your Color Palette

Keeping the traditional white wedding dress is a fantastic way to stay classic, but not every bride can stomach bridal wear that's, well...so white!

Wedding dress with color-weddingstyle-wedding inspiration-Weddings by KMich-Philadelphia PA

Add some wow factor to your gown by choosing something closer to ivory with hints of blush or light blue. If you're drawn to more colorful attire, opt for a dress in soft pastels and monotones, like lavender or eggshell. The beauty of staying within the same color family is that you can slip into any accessory without looking out of place.

2. Use Classic Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations you send out are the first impression wedding guests have of your big day. These traditional wedding reminders give everyone plenty of time to plan for the big day, and they set the tone for all future wedding communication between you and your guests.

Wedding invitations-wedding style-wedding inspiration-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA
Wedding invitations-wedding style-wedding inspiration-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

Traditional wedding invitations typically feature white or ivory card stock with a monogram in black calligraphy. These invitations also include the date and location, as well as a wedding website address and registry information in more modern incarnations.

If you're planning to send out your wedding invitations through the mail, be sure to order enough for everyone in advance. This will cut down on wait time for your wedding guests and ensure that nobody gets left out.

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3. The Best Man's Toast

Even as wedding traditions are changing, the best man's toast is a tradition that won't ever go out of style. There's a reason most movie wedding scenes include this classic tradition; it's something the guests both expect and look forward to.

Best man Toast-wedding style-weddingtips-wedding inspiration-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

While the toast should be heartfelt and off the cuff, a little rehearsal beforehand never hurts. And be sure the best man hasn't imbibed too much of the bubbly before making it!

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4. Add Old-Fashioned Touches of Class in the Details

From the cake to the floral arrangements, there are plenty of details you can re-imagine as truly modern touches without being too trendy. Even if you're going for a thoroughly modern wedding ambiance, you can sneak in some classics here and there.

Wedding cake ideas-wedding styles-wedding inspiration-wedding ideas-weddingtips-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

Opt for details that are classic wedding touches: wedding cake toppers in antique wedding style or table linen with traditional floral patterns. If you're still feeling stumped on what details of your wedding can be modern without being too trendy, consider guest favors with monogrammed napkins and champagne glasses.

Leave the Wedding Coordination to a Professional

If you're in love with the idea of a modern wedding with a classic style but aren't sure how to make that happen on your own, we're here to help.

As your wedding planner, our job is to be your coach, confidant, and best friend. We'll help you plan all the details, from concept all the way down to the most creative wedding reception ideas. 

Call us now to get started planning your perfect day.

With a bit of modern flair and classic charm, your wedding will be something your guests remember long after you've tossed your bouquet!

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  1. I know I have mentioned before that I am not a traditionalist at all, but these classic wedding traditions really are a great way to bring past and present together in a most beautiful way!


    1. Yes, they sure are. I am glad you liked it. These are just ideas to get brides-to-be off the fence who are unsure of what to do. Thanks for visiting.


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