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Spring Tips to Getting YOU An AWESOME Wedding

10 THINGS You Should Do To an AWESOME Spring Wedding

“Take me to spring. Let the flowers bloom and our love grow.” 

This beautiful springtime quote encapsulates some of the best things about spring weddings. A season of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings, spring is a great season to celebrate new love and a new marriage. Hosting a spring wedding can be an exciting and creative time for brides and grooms, and as you’re planning your wedding with your team, you should keep these top ten tips in mind to help design the perfect spring wedding. 


In this post, you’ll get ideas on:

A spring wedding can be an incredible opportunity to theme your big day around florals, pastels, and fresh air- all things spring  is known  for bringing back! The light, sweet days of April showers and  May flowers  are a great time to host your wedding celebration because of the many different ways you can tie in the season to your wedding festivities.


These steal-worthy ideas will have your wedding… 

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1. Find  A  Venue that Plays Up the Season

Spring  is known  as a time of growth, especially when it comes to nature. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and skies are blue once again. If  you’re  choosing a spring wedding, why not capitalize on the fresh growth and find a venue that will highlight the changing beauty of the world around you? A blooming orchard or a botanical garden would be an excellent place to start!


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2. Incorporate Spring Flowers

Spring is the in-season for plenty of stunning new blooms and other flowers that will be fresh, lush, and affordable. Tuck spring flowers throughout your decor into bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more for a connected design element that fully leans into the magic of the spring season.

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 Tissue paper Balloons

3. Consider Hosting Outside

After a long winter, odds are both you and your guests are itching to get outside. An outdoor ceremony and reception can really add some life into your big day! The spring sun and fresh breeze will feel so refreshing and help your veil and train float in an ethereal way as you walk down the aisle.

4. Have a Rain Plan Just In Case

Rain can pop up at any given time during a spring fling, and as any wedding planner will tell you, having a rain plan in the picture is a good idea. However, rain can make for some fun pictures, so consider having some cute umbrellas or ponchos on tap in case the clouds do open up!

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Interested in getting more wedding tips, ideas from K’Mich? 
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5. Light and Sweet is the Way  To  Go

Keep your wedding menu light, fresh, and sweet to complement the airy and fresh atmosphere of your spring day. Fruity drinks, sweet desserts, crisp punch- all of these will be perfect additions to your wedding plan.

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6. Think Pink (Or Any Pastel, Really)

Spring is often associated with light pastel shades, so your wedding palette should reflect them as well! From millennial or baby pinks to lavender, lilac, sky blue, and more, your wedding will shine with spring flair thanks to these delicate pastel shades!


7. Floral Wedding Outfits

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Bringing the floral magic of spring into your wedding  doesn’t have to stop at just your decorations and catering. Add hints of lace or floral overlay patterns into bridal and bridesmaid dresses and stick to pastel and linen or light colored suits and ties for groomsmen to keep the spring theme going. Lela Rose CollectionSee what to do with the dress, post wedding, HERE. 

8. A Bubble Send-Off

Spring is a time of playing outside and falling in love with nature again, so for a  send off  as brides and grooms head off to their dream honeymoon, consider incorporating a bubble tribute. Buy bubbles as party favors and then invite guests to create a magical bubble wonderland as you head off to your next adventure.


9. Consider Spring-Appropriate Honeymoons

When  you’re  planning your honeymoon trip, think about places that might be even prettier in the spring season! Beaches or Caribbean islands are usually popular during spring break, but any place with lots of water, warm weather, and flowers or natural blooms would be a lovely getaway.

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Spring wedding ideas-seeds-Weddings by KMich-Philadelphia PA

10. Make Wedding Favors Spring-Themed Too

For a final spring touch, use seeds as party favors! Spring is a time for growth and rebirth, so  it’s  the perfect time for guests to plant flowers and remember how new love grows just as new flowers do!

10 Things You Should Do To Achieve a Great Spring Wedding
Final thoughts 
Spring weddings are a wonderful expression of love and growth amid beautiful flowers, pastels, and sun. If you’re struggling for ways to incorporate and celebrate the spring season in your wedding, our experienced wedding planners can help transform your dreams into reality and create the perfect spring wedding plan for the new year!

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