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Do You Know Your Wedding Style? 18 Approved Styles

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Before Planning, See The Shades Of Wedding For Approved Styles 

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,

 always with the same person.” 

- Mignon McLaughlin


When it comes to deciding on an overall style for your wedding, there is a lot to choose from. Every wedding is individual in its own way, reflecting the personalities and preferences of the people getting married.

Your wedding is unique to you and your partner - and you can design it to look and feel exactly how you want it to be. Taking inspiration from these popular wedding styles, you can tailor your special day to include your other creative wedding reception ideas for the ceremony of your dreams:

These 18 Shades of Wedding Styles to Help You Navigate the Planning Process

1. Intimate
An intimate wedding is perfect for the introverted couple, or just a couple looking for a small and close-knit ceremony. These types of weddings typically feature a handful of guests, with many personalized touches throughout.

2. Family-Style
Alternatively, a family-style wedding typically includes a large venue with plenty of open space for guests. Meals are served family-style as well, with large plates for guests to pass around. This is more informal and ideal for weddings with large families.

3. Rustic
Winter wedding ideas-rustic weddings-Weddings and Events by K’Mich-Philadelphia PA

Rustic wedding styles feature more earthy elements, incorporating wood and greenery into the overall design. Barns and other outdoor venues are popular for rustic weddings.

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4. Micro (coined due to the pandemic)
A microwedding includes up to 50 guests for the ceremony. These weddings incorporate traditional wedding details, but scaled to fit a smaller audience. Microweddings are ideal for couples who want a more intimate feel to their ceremony, but still want to take advantage of all the typical wedding activities.

5. Minimony (coined due to the pandemic)
Even more intimate than a microwedding, a minimony typically includes around 10 guests as a part of your planned wedding date. These wedding ceremonies may include more customized activities, scaled down to a smaller version. Ceremony now, wedding on the horizon - rescheduled for a later date; this is known as a ‘Sequel’ Wedding. 

6. Elopement
An elopement involves little planning, and can be done wherever the couple wants. With no ceremony, a couple can elope with just each other, or bring a couple family members and friends along. Unlike minimony, there is no sequel to follow. 

7. Vintage
Vintage weddings take inspiration from earlier decades, anywhere up to and including the 1970’s. These ceremonies incorporate era-appropriate decor, including antiques and memorabilia that create a one-of-a-kind wedding.

8. Whimsical
Whimsical weddings tow the line between reality and fantasy - giving you the freedom to break tradition and make your ceremony truly unique. These ceremonies often include very dreamy elements, including plenty of bold colors, lighting, and other quirky touches throughout.

9. DIY
Etsy-Wooden pallets-wedding DIY-KMich Weddings and Events-Philadelphia PA
Wooden Pallets- Etsy
DIY weddings give you full range of creativity to build the wedding of your dreams from the ground up. DIY-style ceremonies include plenty of handmade decorations, including but not limited to centerpieces, seating cards, favors, and much more.

10. Destination
Destination weddings take your wedding party to the destination of your choice - an island, a new country, or even a remote place you and your spouse-to-be first met. The possibilities are endless with destination weddings. Given the traveling involved, destination weddings typically include a smaller group of guests.

11. Themes
Theme wedding ideas-KMich Weddings and Events-Philadelphia PA
Theme weddings are centered around a central theme: some popular choices include a decade, fairytale, garden, beach, seasonal and holiday. You can incorporate the theme as much as you’d like in your wedding, even asking guests to dress to fit the established theme.

12. Art Deco
Insideweddings.com-art-deco-weddings-KMich Weddings Philadelphia PA
Art Deco weddings are glamorous ceremonies that include various designs and decorations with black and gold colors, serving as a great accent for the typical white everything.

13. Religious
Religious weddings are perfect for couples who share the same religion, or when one partner is transitioning to the other partner’s religion. It’s a great way to connect your religion to your future marriage.

14. Military
Military weddings include at least one spouse who has or is currently serving in the military, celebrating their service as well as their marriage. The spouse that served typically wears their uniform during the ceremony as well.

15. Same-Sex
Same-sex marriages celebrate the partnership of two same-sex individuals entering into marriage.

16. Cultural
Zulu wedding-cultural weddings-KMich Weddiings Philadelphia PA
Zulu Wedding
Cultural weddings incorporate key elements from the individuals’ cultures into the wedding ceremony. Depending on the cultural background of the individuals getting married, there may be plenty of traditions to carry out throughout the ceremony.

17. Traditional/Classic
Traditional weddings are often what first comes to mind when we think of weddings - exchange of vows, a white wedding dress, and a formal celebration are all part of a classic wedding ceremony.

18. Civil
Civil weddings do not include any religious aspects, but are recognized legally as a marriage by the couples’ location.

If you’re considering a few different styles for your wedding, consult with our day wedding planner to identify the best options for you. From there, you can incorporate other wedding coordination ideas to plan the ideal ceremony.

wedding planning-weddings-Weddings and Events by K’Mich-Philadelphia PA

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