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Transitioning to Fall: How to Decorate using Cornucopias and Pumpkins

Thinking of cornucopias-fall wedding with cornucopia and pumpkin decorscape-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia

Your Hearts Will Skip a Beat with These 20 Romantic Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year. The crisp morning air, pumpkin spice, and golden yellows and reds fill our senses. What’s not to love when you incorporate it into your wedding? Some of the most popular ways to decorate include the use of pumpkins and cornucopia.

Thankfully, we have some amazing fall décor ideas for you to choose from.

Thinking of Cornucopias?

Thinking of cornucopias-fall wedding with cornucopia decorscape-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia
Cornucopias have existed within society for thousands of years. Being the horn of abundance, they have maintained the tradition of food or other plentiful objects throughout time. Now they are closely related to Thanksgiving and the harvest for the year and perfect as cornucopia décor.


Fall Wedding with a Cornucopia Décor(Scape)

As beautiful centerpieces, the cornucopia symbolizes the abundance of happiness and love your family will thrive in for the coming years. A few ideas you can cornucopia decor include: bouquets, table centerpieces, and other creative areas you can add these beauties.  
  • Flowers – Chrysanthemum, sunflowers, and marigold stand strong during the early stages of fall. With their golden colors, these bring the touch of fall you need even when inside.
  • Fruits and vegetables – The cornucopia is known as a horn of abundance because of food. Choose between fruits and vegetables to highlight your decorations or decorative versions that you can take him to fill your home with later.
  • Burlap and cottage core themes – Give yourself a more natural appearance using decorations that bring a sense of nostalgia inside. Added with your cornucopia, these bring life on the farm without the farm into the wedding.

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Thinking about Pumpkins?

When October rolls around, pumpkins appear on everyone’s porch and at every grocery store. Whether you plan to carve it for decorating, as pumpkin décor, or use it for recipes, the pumpkin is a constant staple. Pumpkins weren’t the original jack-o-lantern, as many used turnips or potatoes before they discovered pumpkins in the Americas.


Fall Wedding with a Pumpkin Décor(scape)

No matter the size, shape, or color, a pumpkin is so versatile on how you can use it at a wedding. You don’t need to make it Halloween-themed either. From food to gifts, pumpkins are aplenty with ideas for pumpkin décor. Here are a few ideas to steal: Add pumpkins along the aisle (think repurposed), the ceremony/reception entrance (think monogram), the walk way (luminaries), the centerpiece/ table numbering (think stacking), the escort cards, the guest book (pumpkin guest book). 
  • Monogram – Add your wedding date to give a sweet and minimalistic look to your decorations. The blending of decorations makes it easy to look at without standing out. Or add your guests’ names to smaller pumpkins for them to keep.
  • Repurposed books – Take some old books and turn them into small pumpkins to decorate the table. These are available to buy on websites like Etsy and could include some of your favorite shared books. Better yet, have your guests take one home as a favor and include their favorite book as the pumpkin.
  • Lights – Illuminate the entrance or aisle with lanterns or jack-o-lanterns. You’re sure to bring a warm glow to everyone without stressing about it being too dark.

Transitioning to Fall: How to Decorate using Cornucopias and Pumpkins
Final Thoughts
With so many options for fall décor to choose from, you’ll find the best combination to bring the fall season into your wedding. Speak with one of our
wedding planners about your wedding coordination ideas, we will assist you with deciding any decorations you may want. Visit us HERE or send us an email.


  1. I love the idea of incorporating fruit and vegetables with floral display. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo

    1. Yes, we thought these decorations can be included in a wedding scheme. Thanks for sharing.


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