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Why Wedding Mood Boards Will Change Your Life!

How Did Wedding Mood Boards Become the Best? Find Out

“A mood board (or inspiration board) is a physical or digital collage of ideas that’s commonly used in fields like interior design, fashion, and graphic design. It can include just about anything — photography, designs or illustrations, color palettes, textures, descriptive words — anything that helps you define the direction of your project.” Source

In this article, you will know why Mood Board is a good idea:

After your engagement, you should start the planning process with a mood board, this is an excellent way to visualize all your ideas. This process helps you to figure out what you would like in your wedding, from a color palette, flowers, cake, invitations, to entertainment to after-party ideas - food, desserts and anything else you may think of. 

Also, your mood board does not have to be inspiration from outside, this can be an idea or ideas you have been playing around in your head (were unsure how to use them) so, now it’s time to add them to your board.

If you should decide on using a mood board (we hope you do), create more than one, up to three with different styles, themes and so on. This way you can compare each to see which one will be best for your wedding. Now that you have a gist, see how useful having a wedding mood board is:
Why wedding mood boards will change your life - Wedding Soiree Blog by KMich Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration - color palette - mood board -sunroomgenius.com- Willow Grove PA

4 Best Uses for Wedding Mood Boards 
And Why You Should Start One

1. Ideas Feel-Real

Pinterest allows you to easily gather inspo on our laptop, but a mood board lets you play with textured materials like ribbons, fabrics. Or stationery that you can’t appreciate on a screen. “You’re taking ideas and making them tangible,” To that end, look for books or magazines (beyond wedding-related ones), boutiques, museums, and cocktail bars, for keepsakes you can pin to your IRL board

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Why wedding mood boards will change your life - Wedding Soiree Blog by KMich Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration - color palette - mood board -Willow Grove PA

2. You May Suprise Yourself

Obsessed with bluish and gold? Lovely! But that doesn’t mean they will work best with your venue, season, or overall aesthetic. Don’t get color-blocked; see what hues emerge naturally. A mood board lets you eyeball choices before committing to any. “It’s a great visual way to brainstorm,”

3. It’s Easy To Share

Once you’ve made the physical display, a ready-to-send digital version keeps all vendors “working toward the same vision.” It’s a written-in-stone reference of colors, venue, and design so they’re not constantly reaching out to you with questions.”

4. You See the Big Picture

“It’s difficult to imagine all that goes into a huge day without seeing details side by side” affixing photos and other physical depictions of your dress, linens, invitations, and florals in one space ensures “the event flows and looks cohesive.”
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Updated: January 12, 2022 | May 10, 2023


  1. I love this idea, I’d not considered one but now I’m excited!

    1. Glad you found this idea helpful. Having a mood board, lets you putting all your ideas together so you have a better idea of what works from what doesn't.


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