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11 Tips For Summer Weddings

These 11 Tips Will Get You a WOW Summer Wedding

Having an event during the Summer is the ideal time for enjoying the weather, have lakeside picnics, go on beach vacations and let’s not forget… cocktails. If you are a bride-to-be who is planning on tying the knot in the summer, here a few tips to keep in mind. These tips will have you prepared and organized for your big day and your guests will really appreciate this, too.

How to Turn Your Summer Wedding INTO a Success | 11 Tips

1. Consider the WEATHER
If you plan on tying the knot in a park or a garden, you should consider the weather for that day. With summer heat comes sudden rainstorms and it can be hard to predict the weather for your outdoor event.  Our Rule of thumb: Always expect popup showers, short downpour to spritz during the summer months. Check out tent prices and have one for backup or speak with the venue about their options in cases like this. Tip: Consider the temperature on the day of your wedding. IF it’s considerably hot on that day, you might want to schedule your wedding for later in the day and vice versa.

2. Consider LOCATION (park/garden)

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One of the most difficult parts of hosting an outdoor event is factoring the sun. This is difficult due to how tricky Summer tends to be - sunny one minute, a sudden downpour, spritzing the next and so on. So, when looking at locations, consider how shady the area is and where you would want to set up your tent; this will help to keep the tent cool and circulation of the air blowing - AC/fan. Tip: During the ceremony, keep guests cool by providing a parasol for shade and handheld fans. You could even gift the parasol and make it your wedding favor. Tip: Monogram the handles with your wedding date, initials and anything else you want to add.
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3. Consider HYDRATION
Although Summer months are hot and sometimes humid, it is still the perfect season for outdoor events - weddings are generally in the months of June-August. So, if you plan on having your wedding, any part - ceremony/reception, or both outdoors, keep hydration in mind for both you and your guests. Here are a few suggestions - coconut water, decorative water dispensers or fruit water stations.

The Perfect Flowers For Summer Weddings

4. Consider Succulents (perfect for this type of weather)
K'Mich Weddings Philadelphia PA (@kmichweddings) on Instagram: “#Succulents- Marsala Colored Orchids, Dark Burgundy Scabiosa, Scabiosa Pods, Green Air Plant, Green-wedding ideas - wedding inspiration
Choose flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Shop locally as these flowers can withstand warmer temperatures because they are already accustomed to the area’s weather - SUCCULENTS. You can also consider heat-resistant blooms that won't wilt in high temperatures. Speak with your florist about suggestions that fit within your budget.
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5. Consider Your BAR (SKIP The ALCOHOL)
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Candy and dessert stations are super popular at weddings. However, a selection of frozen desserts and/or ice-cream maybe even more refreshing in the summer season. The frozen dessert station could feature soft-serve ice-cream, Italian ice, popsicles, watermelon treats; all cooling foods for the occasion. In addition to these frozen treats, guests will consume a lot of ice (iced-water, sodas) during the length of the event. Make sure your caterer is on top of this. You want your guests to stay cool and hydrated.
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What to Wear - Summer Bridal Outfits

6. Consider Your DRESS
K'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - wedding dress idea - two piece white dressK'Mich Weddings - wedding planning - wedding dress ideas - pantsuit with sheer top
 The weather is beautiful, but it’s also hot! Weddings are an all-day event and comfort is vital. Choosing a lightweight and stretchy garments are the way to go for the bride, groom, and wedding party. Fabrics such as Chiffon, Tulle, Organza, Illusion, and Jersey are perfect for the summer; let's not forget those summer hats - great for protecting your face from the sun's rays... Also, encourage your guests to dress casually for your wedding. A relaxed guest is a happy guest... Brides look: Wedding two-piece dresses or a pantsuit are great options.
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Menu Ideas -Summer Wedding Food

7. Consider Your MENU (Relevant Food)
Think about how you will keep your food station at the correct temperature. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding under a tent (you might think where the tent is located, the shade is great, but maybe not), your caterer should know the correct temperature for each. Another idea: Incorporate ‘cooling foods’ in your menu, these foods won’t take as much to keep the food safe and at the right temp. The benefit of these foods. They will keep your guests hydrated, full, and happy during your wedding. Cooling foods have a cooling effect on your body and help you stay hydrated from the inside out.
      Ceremony Hour - While your guests wait for your arrival, have the waitstaff offer them light beverages - coconut water, iced-water, fruit popsicles; something that will keep them hydrated.
      Cocktail Hour - This time should focus on light finger foods and beverages - coconut water, iced-water, sodas, popsicles, melons, dips, signature drinks (does not have to include alcohol), any light figure food will do just great.
      Reception Hour - Dinner time! Have your guests enjoy (still cooling food, not anything too heavy) salads, fish, veggies, etc.

8. Consider Your DATE
Cross-reference your selected date to make sure you are not competing for that space or your guests' attendance. Check with the location manager to ascertain that your date is available and there are no conflicts. Also, make sure that your wedding is not on a popular date; your date might not be available or you may have to pay more for that space or location. Here are two popular wedding dates, based on Zola - June 1 and June 22.

9. Consider LIGHTING
Source: Tents For Rent

The right lighting can enhance your space/location and make your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests. Here’s what you need to know - (1) Figure out your wedding style (2) Assess the area with the manager to see where you should place the (3) Match your colors with the lights (4) Contact a professional for help (5) Visit the outdoor location at night to identify areas that may need illuminating.

10. Consider BUGS (keep those mosquitoes away)
For a bug-free wedding, consider having lanterns, repellent wipes available for your guests. Make sure you get the one that has picaridin. Try Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes ($16 for eight, avon.com). You might also consider a bug-repellent gadget for the yard; for the most effective options, see The Best Insect Repellent Options.

While it’s important to find the perfect space for a wedding, the location should be equally significant. Is the ceremony in close walking distance to the reception area? How will your guests get to and from? Is there parking on the premises? If not, will your guests be shuttled to the ceremony, reception, and then back to their vehicles? Keep these questions in mind when looking at outdoor locations for your wedding.

11 Tips For Summer Weddings
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