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A Subtle Décor Idea That Need To Be On Your Radar!

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The Timeless Grandmillennial  Ideas 

There will always be a desire for something new, 

fresh and innovative, as well as a yearning and respect for 

timeless elegance and beauty. - Helena Christensen

Weddings are a time to be with family and celebrate two families joining together. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate traditions or include heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. As Helena Christensen writes, there is a yearning and respect for the beautiful things that have stood the test of time. As you plan your wedding, combining fresh new ideas with timeless styles and prints will create lasting memories.  

Granny Chic Decor Ideas that will Remain Elegant through the Ages

Throughout 2021, our wedding planners saw brides embracing prints and styles that they remembered from grandma’s house. Grandmillennial décor took brides by storm and continues to be popular for its simplicity and romanticism. To see why brides were so excited about this trend throughout 2021, you can read a previous article we published, here. The Grandmillennial style embraces all the timeless pieces you would find in your grandmother’s house and puts a fresh spin on them. Styles like:
  • Lace
  • Teacups
  • Mismatched china
  • Heirloom pieces
  • Blue and white patterns
  • Embroidery and needle point
  • Floral prints
  • and vintage furniture  
These elements create an elegant wedding style that ties together tradition and innovation seamlessly. If you are the bride that wants to embrace the heritage that has been passed down to your family while still remaining true to yourself, this may be a perfect style for your wedding. To help you come up with dozens of your own wedding coordination ideas as you plan your ideal day, we’ve compiled 5 wedding ideas to add to your list:

1.  Embrace Feminine, Romantic Details
The grandmillennial style feels timeless and elegant because it draws aging heirlooms together with light, airy, and feminine tones. As you plan your wedding decor ideas, find pieces that utilize soft pastels, blush pinks, sage greens, butter yellows, and light lavenders. These colors draw heavily on palettes naturally found in nature and will pair well with your own floral accents and bouquets. In addition, embrace romantic details like rattan, milk glass, soft lighting, and vintage prints. 

2. Lean into the White and Blue MotifGrandmillennial style-wedding decor-wedding planning-wedding decor 2022-Wedding by KMich-Philadelphia PA
There is something so charming about an antique set of white and blue china. The colors never go out of style, and the patterns feel classic and beautiful. Walk through an antique store or vintage shop, and you’ll find a smattering of blue and white china that will pair well together even if they are mismatched sets. This french blue and crisp white color combination can be incorporated into floral arrangements, tablecloths, brides and bridesmaid’s dresses (or linen... light and airy), or centerpieces. You can even have the groomsmen carry antique embroidered handkerchiefs or pocket squares.
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Grandmillennial style-wedding planning-wedding theme-inspiration-floral ideas-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA
See what to do with the dress, post wedding, HERE.

3. Let Heirlooms Be Front And Center
The appeal of mixing the new with the old is to honor those who have gone before and their legacy on your family. Weddings have been happening since the beginning of time. Many families have heirlooms that have been passed down, and this is an event where those pieces can really shine.  You can use a family vase, an important book, a piece of artwork, an heirloom instrument, furniture, or lamps to decorate your venue. You can pull out grandma’s linens, curtains, tablecloths, needlepoint, silverware, china, glassware, or bar set to use during the reception. Incorporate smaller pieces by framing old pictures, book pages, handkerchiefs, embroidery, letters, or pressed flowers to place throughout the reception.

grandmellinnial decor-wedding decor-wedding plannning- Weddings by KMich Jenkintown PA

4. Chose an Intimate Venue
Since the grandmillennial wedding style draws on intimate details that are significant to your family members, you should select a venue that feels meaningful. Brides who want an intimate wedding are often forgoing large venues for childhood homes or family estates that have importance to the family. If this isn’t an option, you can also achieve this intimate feel by hosting a garden party wedding at an outside venue or finding a Bed and Breakfast that ties in antique furniture, floral wallpaper, or a quaint home-like environment that will complete your granny chic vision.

5. Include Elements from Nature
The phrase goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” And this wedding theme draws together the old and the new effortlessly. To offset dark wood tones, aging books, yellowed fabrics, or black and white photos, you can include fresh flowers and newly cut greenery. For example, you can wrap an old wooden banister with eucalyptus branches or ferns or wrap your fresh bouquet with your grandma’s lace and broach. You can also rely heavily on vintage floral patterns on table runners, curtains, tablecloths, or dishes.

Popular Wedding Decor Idea for Brides to Be
Back to You
Though grandma’s floral wallpaper, vintage needlepoint, or antique blue and white dishes have been in the family for ages, these prints are becoming increasingly popular. The prints and patterns from grandma’s house are timeless, beautiful, and romantic, making them a perfect theme to tie into your dream wedding. If you want your wedding to honor your family legacy while incorporating a popular decor style, use these ideas to plan your ideal grandmillennial wedding!

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  1. You had me at "blue & white" -- ha ha. I love the timeless look of high-quality antique pieces. These decor choices could set the stage for an unforgettable event.

    1. We love the blue motif idea. So many ways to use it to create an unforgettable event. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Granny chic - it's going to catch on! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. We think it will also. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very pretty ideas! I love the romantic touches!
    thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  4. Congratulations! We are thrilled to feature you on The Fabulous Friday Link Party this week.

    1. Thank You for featuring my article!

  5. I love the elegance of blue and white. Timeless! I have been adding blue and white touches around my house and on the table.

    1. Yes, timeless and elegant. Thanks for your feedback and visiting.

  6. This is so lovely ! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday and Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! :-)

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  7. You had me at the picture of the milk glass with the blue and white behind it. I am a milk glass addict, my "best" dishes are blue and white, and I also collect cobalt glass. I probably have enough MG to do a wedding venue!!!

    1. Yes, we all love that look. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Kathy.

  8. I love the idea of granny chic decor. I have lots of pieces inherited from my mother and grandmothers -- it's fun to find new ways to use the old stuff in modern decor. Thank your for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 49.


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