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Consider These Things Before Booking a Venue for Your Wedding?

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Top 6 Things to Consider Before Booking

Finding the right venue for your wedding can be somewhat tiring! So, we suggest viewing a few (view them morning and evening) so you can see them during the different times of the day. Make sure you do this right after you set your wedding date. Your date will determine if a particular venue is available for your date. So, before you choose a venue, these are the things you need to keep in mind. 👇😔

What are the 6 Things You Should Consider

1. Your guest size will determine how much you need to put away

Your guest count determines how much you would have to put aside for catering and a venue. Each will play a major key factor in the planning of your wedding. Rule of thumb – the more people you invite the more your catering bill will be and the bigger the space you will need to seat your guests.
 *** FYI: We suggest that you use this, five years/five-minutes rule of thumb to help you along. 

2. Your budget will determine the type of wedding
Take a day or so, where both of you discuss in detail how much you want to spend on the wedding. The conversation should be about, ‘who is going to pay what, and if parents from each side would be willing to help out financially; try to find out how much money they could contribute.’ Determine what type of wedding you two would like to have - a small elegant, a simple/chic, a rustic, a vintage, an outdoor/indoor wedding, a synagogue/church wedding. Have that money talk before doing anything else!
*** FYI: As you make your plans and outline your dream wedding, needs/wants, your 'guestimate' budget may increase or decrease. Again, this all depends on the choices you make why we used the word ‘guestimate’. Remember to compromise, for example, if he doesn’t want such a big wedding, meet him in the middle. Or if she doesn’t want a really big wedding, meet her in the middle. Either way, your day will be really special and it’s all about the two of you enjoying the day or evening with your loved ones and friends. 

3. Is Your Wedding Date Available
After you both have figured out the style/type of wedding you are going for, now it’s time to check out venues to see if they are available for your wedding date. Your wedding style will help you determine what type of venue you are looking for – high ceilings with chandeliers, seating for (?? guests) and the dance floor, outdoor garden, etc.
Visit approximately 3 to 6 locations to see what they are like; make sure, you ask questions and take notes. Consider everything – location, room size, décor, heating/air conditioning, is it a new or older building. Do they double book events? Does it have a garden, or gazebo, grass, trees, and flowers? Try to see it set up for another wedding so you both can appreciate what it will look like for your wedding. 

4. How accessible it is for your guests
How easy is it for guests to travel from their homes to the venue? When your guests arrive, where will they park? Is there on-site parking or street parking? Some sites may look great but is only accessible by private shuttles provided by the site owner. Before settling on a place, consider the convenience of your attendees when it comes to transportation. Some of them may want to bring their vehicles on the way. Be sure to explore the options.

5. What's in the package
Check to see what's included in their package. Will it include extra services like catering food and even providing souvenirs? There are exclusive wedding spots that do this. If you wish to have a hassle-free preparation in having to scout for individual services, you might as well choose those that offer all-in-one.

6. Getting Referrals is always helpful

Always talk to past brides and friends who have used your chosen venue. Check the venue's website for reviews, see how far off each review was written. It's best to look at reviews that are current and not one written a year or two years ago. Also, see if the venue manager has any written reviews on hand for you to see.
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