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How To Organize An UnforgettablePantone Color-Themed Party

Top 5+ Ways to Add The "Very Peri" Color

very peri-color swatch-wedding color-wedding ideas- Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

"Embraces Strangeness"

Pantone’s selection for their color of the year is here and can we just say what a bold choice they have made. After a strange last year and this year, the color choice is the perfect pick to rejuvenate our spirits and then some.

'Very Peri', a monochromatic purple, is not only elegant, imperial, and a touch of decadent, it is also absolutely ideal when paired with wedding white and other traditional motifs. To help give you some awesome wedding ideas using Very Peri, we’ve listed some of our favorite applications of this deep, rich color below. 

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Very Peri Wedding Design

Here are some of our very favorite Very Peri creative wedding design style ideas:   

The 'Very Peri' Way to Add Some Bold Color to Your Wedding Soiree


very peri-wedding invitation-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

What we love about this idea: It’s simple, it works, and it is minimal in terms of overall impact. If you want to use the color of the year, but you don’t want to go all out, there are few things more subtle than an invitation with Very Peri-colored text, borders, or some combination of those two. You could even send the invites out in envelopes shaded in Pantone’s finest - it’s all up to you and your tastes! 


very peri-wedding backdrop-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

Monochromatic colors are made for the Instagram age and nothing is more dynamic and selfie-worthy at a wedding than an amazingly well-executed backdrop. The monochromatic look of Very Peri contrasted with the elegant attire of wedding guests is sure to spread your event’s hashtag far and wide. 

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Linen Chair Ties and Bows

very peri-chair bows-linens-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

Like the invitation, linen chair ties and bows are a way for your event to be “of the moment” while not being too “in the moment.” A subtle accent like this allows you creative freedom in other aspects of the ceremony while still incorporating a trendy color - and a beautiful one at that. If you’re looking for guidance on partial wedding planning or wedding coordination ideas, both on-trend and within the style of tradition, then you’ve come to the right place. Subscribe today for more awesome ideas and to make sure you never miss an innovative trend or concept that could take your event to the next level!  

A Very Peri Floral

very peri-wedding flowers-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

Another awesome way to bring very peri to your ceremony is through the floral arrangement. Here, you can blend in elements from the rest of your ensemble with the very peri-tone flowers. Again, this is a subtle suggestion, similar to the invitations and chair ties, so it is unlikely to upset any major element of your design scheme if it is already set in stone. Flowers are just another fun, easy way to incorporate this beautiful, trendy color into your wedding ceremony with little muss or fuss. 

The Very Peri Dress

very peri-purple dress-wedding ideas-Wedding by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

For the bold among us, there is always the option of donning a very peri dress such as our example here. You’ll make a statement and, if done correctly, a stunning one at that. We like to think outside of the box, and this certainly does that. 

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Very Peri Candy Station

very peri-wedding ideas-dessert station-purple candy station-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

The Very Peri color looks decadent, lush, and, dare we say, delicious? Prepare your guests for the desserts of a lifetime with Very Peri accents at the dessert station. 

A Very Peri Ceremony Aisle

very peri-ceremony aisle markers-wedding ideas-Weddings by K'Mich-Phialdelphia PA

Last, we have the ceremony aisle where accent and theme colors can help tie everything together. Very Peri provides an interesting contrast between itself and most other colors, and its tendency to lead the eye down a path makes it ideal for the ceremony aisle. Think of it as a frame around a picture: It can be used to highlight the central elements and passively direct the audience’s gaze. 

And, don't forget the get away car. 

very peri-vintage car-wedding ideas-limo-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

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  1. Periwinkle is certainly a romantic color with lots of potential.

    1. It sure is. So many shades to this color. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love that dress. Total fantasy. Thanks for posting your periwinkle wedding color ideas and I pinned your post to my color energy board.

    1. Is it lovely. We love that color and style too. Thanks for adding our pick to your energy board. Thanks for sharing and visiting.


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