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Can You Really Have A BridesMan?

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Including A Man In Your Bridal Party

A bridesman in photos brings life to 
the wedding when standing 
alongside the bridal party…K’Mich

Love is there to be celebrated and cherished amongst everyone in your life to see you through to your next destination.

The concept of a traditional wedding is in the eye of the wedding party. Having a bridesman is one of those amazing features that are popular with modern times. Your bridal party and wedding coordinator are there to support you the entire way. This doesn’t mean you need to break traditions or match traditions when having a bridesman in your party.

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What You Need to Know About Having a Brides-man 

Is It Possible To Have A Brides-man?

Absolutely! The concept of the bridal party dates back to Ancient Rome. Your party didn't need to be all women on one side and all men on the other. Instead, it was ten people that were close to you to be a witness.

So much of the bridal party concept has changed over the millennia. From everyone wearing the same dress as the bride, to wearing different costumes.

After all, if you’re going to have creative reception ideas, why not extend them to your bridal party?

If you’re unsure how to incorporate him into your ideas, let us know, and we’ll sit down with you to figure it out.

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Best friends sometimes walk the aisle 
with you in a dress - others come in a tux.
Some bridal parties wear dresses - 
others wear tuxes…K’Mich

What Does A Brides-man  Wear?

Brides-man outfit
Whether you want him in a suit to match the groomsmen or something flowery to match your bridesmaids. The choice is yours. The best option for a brides-man is to have him match your bridesmaids. You don’t want him to clash or look like he is on the wrong side of the ceremony.

You don’t need to go out and find a custom cloth for his suit either. If your groomsmen wear a gray suit, put him in a gray suit. Then his shirt, socks, and pocket square can match the bridesmaids.


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If you want to be really creative, your bridesmaids don’t need to wear dresses either. Perhaps everyone wears a pantsuit, jumpsuit, or designs their style with a specific theme in mind. The concepts are endless to make your wedding day perfect and fit your bridesman in.

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What Will His Role Be?

If your friend accepts being part of the bridal party, now it’s time to plan with him! Whether he is your Man-Of-Honor (MOH), or a bridesman, his roles will be similar to those of anyone else.

  • Attend The Bridal Shower: Not all bridal showers or bachelorette parties need to involve going to the strip club or lingerie. Bring him along to get to know the rest of the party at other venues like a fancy restaurant nearby or enjoy a nice spa day.
  • Participate In Planning And Projects: If your bridal party is wanting to make small trinkets for all the guests, have him join in. If he’s hands-on, you could do much more projects that don’t require hiring out anymore either.
  • Get Your Ready The Morning Of: He might not be able to hop in the room and help you dress, but he is there to help you relax. Whether it’s to get one last drink in before the ceremony starts, or helping to carry stuff around, he is there for you.

Can You Really Have a BridesMan?

Final Thoughts

No matter your plans for the wedding, don’t stress over semantics or traditions. You are there to enjoy your moment with your soon-to-be-spouse surrounded by those closest to you.

If you need more assistance on your wedding, including coordinating with a bridesman, send your questions to our wedding planner. We’ll provide any wedding coordination ideas to make it extra special. See what to do with the dress, post wedding HERE.

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About the author: Keren Michele, CEP, leads the planning team at K’Mich Event Planning & Consulting. With a flair for creativity in organizing one-of-a-kind weddings and events, she is passionate about providing valuable ideas for couples as they plan their special day.

P.S. - Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways we can help you with your wedding planning.

  1. Phone consultation: These are thirty minutes long and focus on asking you questions about what you hope to achieve for your wedding soirée.

  2. Wedding Day Management [Day-of Coordination] Couples can utilize this service for last-minute planning or to tie up loose ends. 

  3. Partial Wedding Planning: This is for the couple who wants to maintain control of the wedding but need a little help with bringing 

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