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Updated: The Bridal Party Conundrum. Who's it Going to be??


Updated: The Bridal Party Conundrum. Who's it Going to be-wedding planning-bridal party-nontraditional roles-gender norms-Weddings by KMich- Philadelphia PA

Updated: The Bridal Party Conundrum. Who's it Going to be??

When planning a wedding, one of the crucial decisions is choosing the members of the bridal party. Traditionally, there is the maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, best man, and groomsmen. However, in today's ever-changing world, there are no longer strict rules dictating who can or cannot be in your bridal party. This article explores breaking the mold, embracing inclusivity, and throwing out the traditional norms when choosing your wedding party.

The Evolution of the Bridal Party

The concept of a bridal party has been around for centuries, with historical accounts dating back to ancient Rome. In those times, the bridal party served as a protective measure against evil spirits, with bridesmaids dressing similarly to confuse ill-intentioned entities. Over the years, the role of a bridal party has shifted from mere protection to one of support, love, and celebration.

The ABC News Clip - Breaking Gender Norms

In a video clip that gained widespread popularity, ABC News featured a bride who decided to think outside the box and include her beloved grandmother as the flower girl. This unconventional choice delighted the guests and showcased the power of love and familial bonds. Embracing the unexpected, this bride broke the mold and created a memorable wedding experience.

ABC News Clip HERE

All Inclusivity: Embracing Anyone of Importance
Weddings are about love and unity; there is no reason to limit the bridal party to a specific gender or relationship status. In today's society, we can choose anyone of significance and whom we feel comfortable sharing our special day with.

Nontraditional Roles In Weddings

  1. The Best Woman: Who says the best man can only be a man? Embrace the opportunity to have a fierce and supportive best friend who happens to be a woman. She can stand by your side, give a heartfelt speech, and play an integral role in making your wedding day extraordinary.
  2. The Man of Honor: Men can offer emotional support and be a pillar of strength just as much as women. If your closest confidant is a male friend or sibling, there's no reason why he can't be your Man of Honor. Allow him to share the responsibilities and honors traditionally associated with the maid of honor HERE.
  3. Dog of Honor or Ring Bearer: For pet lovers, including your furry friend in the bridal party can bring immense joy and create unforgettable memories. Dress them up in a tailored outfit, have them walk down the aisle, or join in the pre-wedding photoshoot. Their presence will add an adorable touch to your special day HERE and HERE.
  4. Bridesmen and Groomswomen: If all your closest friends are of the opposite gender, there's no need to exclude them. Embrace the idea of having bridesmen or groomswomen as part of your bridal party. Their unique perspective and support will enrich the overall wedding experience.
  5. Flower girl: As seen on ABC, your flower girl doesn't have to be a toddler or a little girl; anyone you feel comfortable with can take on this role. You can have a flower man HEREHERE and HERE, a flower grandma, a flower dog HERE, and so on. It's how these people make you feel. 
** How to include a flower boy in your wedding?

Embracing Change in a Changing World

In an era where traditions are being reevaluated and challenged, it's important to remember that your wedding should reflect your values, beliefs, and relationships. By breaking the mold and embracing inclusivity, you create a day that celebrates love, diversity, and the power of human connection.

Remember, the most crucial part of your wedding is the people surrounding you. Your bridal party should be individuals who bring joy, support, and positivity into your life. Whether they are family members, lifelong friends, or even pets, the key is to cherish their presence and honor the unbreakable bond that ties you together.

With the freedom to choose based on love and closeness rather than adhering to outdated traditions, your bridal party can be an eclectic mix of individuals who make your wedding day and show a true reflection of who you are as a couple.

So, who's it going to be?

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