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Wondering How To Make Your BRIDAL SHOWER Rock? Read This!

Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game?

Wondering How To Make Your Bridal Shower Rock? Read this - Wedding Soiree Blog by K’Mich, Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration - Shutterfly
Planning a bridal shower can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time hosting one! From sending the invitations, to picking the menu and planning an itinerary, not only will you be spending lots of your time putting this together but potentially quite a bit of money as well. 

To help you add a little budget-friendly fun to your bridal shower, we thought we’d share a few games for a bridal shower! 

In this post, you will get ideas on:

5 Unique Bridal Shower Games Activities 

(How Well Do You Know The Bride)

1. Find The Guest 

Since the bride is bound to invite guests that don’t know each other, breaking the ice early at the bridal shower can really help everyone feel more comfortable during the wedding. “Find the Guest” is the perfect game to get everyone mingling and learn a bit about one another. 

To play, give every guest a checklist with a list of characteristics and personality traits. You may need to get with the bride on this since she’s the one most likely to know everyone. These traits can include anything from “speaks three languages” to “is wearing red lipstick”. The first guest to find someone with each characteristic wins! 

2. Bridal Shower Bingo 

Bridal Bingo Cards - Here Come New Ideas For Bridal Showers - Shutterfly - Wedding Soiree Blog by K’Mich, Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration

These cute bridal shower bingo cards from our friends at Shutterfly are perfect to play this classic yet fun game. These customizable bingo cards come in three beautiful designs that are sure to fit your party’s theme. 

For an easy topic, we recommend asking your guests to fill their cards with potential bridal shower gifts the bride might receive. As she opens her gifts, have your guests cross off any items they wrote on their cards. The first guest to fill a line wins. 
Prizes For Bridal Shower Games
FYI: Before the party, be sure to choose fun prizes that will be welcoming for the winner(s). 

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3. Follow Our Journey

This is a fun game for the bride or couple (if you’re planning a coed shower) to go down memory lane and for guests to learn more about their love story. Using chalk or whiteboard, place a few photos of the couple’s vacations, milestones, and other special moments. Then have guests go up and guess where the photo was taken. The guest with the most accurate guesses wins! 

You can also make this game about celebrations! Ask the bride to provide you with a photo of a few important celebrations they’ve shared together and have guests guess what they were celebrating. 

4. Paper Bride

Another super fun game ideal for bridal showers with kids. If there are several moms in your guest list and you know they’ll be bringing their little ones, Paper Bride is the game to play!

Separate your guests into two teams, preferably of four players or more each. Each team then has to pick their “bride” from one of their team members.  The rest of the players will then have to create the most beautiful wedding dress out of toilet paper or paper mache streamers. Each bride has to strut down the aisle for the bride-to-be to choose her favorite dress! 

5. Vow Mad Libs 

Use this idea to entertain your guests while they await your arrival. This should be a part of your welcome bag. Don’t forget to add those pencils - Wedding ideas Blog by K’Mich, Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration - wedding planners in Philadelphia PA

For this game, print a few versions of traditional wedding vows leaving adjectives, nouns, and verbs blank. Give your guests one minute to fill in the blanks and ask them to turn them into you. Once you’ve received all of your vows, have guests go up in pairs to recite their vows. 

For some added laughs and if the groom is around, have the couple go up instead and hold a mock ceremony with the vows––hilarity is sure to ensue. 

Whichever activities you choose to add, your bride-to-be and her guests are in for a fun time!

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  1. These are great ideas!! Thanks so much for posting this on the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by, Cindy.

  2. these are some fun bridal shower game ideas and my favorite is the paper bride and find the guest. THanks for linking up with us at #OMHGWW

    1. Thank you. Glad you liked them and found a fave... Thanks for visiting and sharing.


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