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Wedding Coordination: Replace Your Wedding Decor With This Newest Idea - Macrame


Appearing on Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide to upgrade your wedding décor with macramé Immediately  

“To win, you’ve got to put the ball in the macramé”’

-Terry McGuire

Undoubtedly, many of you can’t wait for that special day where you get to walk down the aisle (or follow the train of your partner walking down the aisle) to stand with that special someone and begin a new phase of your lives together. It’s also not unusual to have your wedding preparations underway even before your big day approaches to ensure perfection in all the day’s activities.

We’ve never seen a perfect wedding reception ceremony without some awe-worthy wedding décor to go with. We can bet our 2 cents you agree too. Your wedding decor doesn’t have to be super elaborate (unless you love you some dramatic flair). It only has to tell your story.

What better way to project your inner boho and ethereal love than by creatively including macramé designs in your wedding décor? Yes, Macramé gives you a chance to be minimalistic with the options of subtle but soulful knots. But, it also allows you to stand unique with eye-catching intricately knotted pieces – there’s no discrimination with macramé.

See what to do with the dress, post wedding, HERE.

You can trust us to help you make this a dream come true through creative wedding reception ideas. But, of course, with macramé at the center of it all.

Top 7 Savvy Ways to Include Macramé in Your Wedding Décor 

Now that we have your attention let’s show you how to win at your wedding spangle by putting the ball in the macramé. We have here seven ways you can artistically get some macramé in: 

1. Chair and arch combos
It’s only proper that you and your partner have a designated spot for you both to sit and enjoy the love from your loved ones after the ceremony. Have your set chairs and arches twinning with similar exquisite handmade macramé designs.

Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

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2. Pretty Little Macramé chair covers
Ditch the regular reception cotton or silk chair covers for some carefree knots like these fringe chairs back covers that will only exude peace and serenity.

Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-chair-covers-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

3. Beautifying the arches
Please do not leave the arches looking bare or saddled with artificial floral decorations when you can richly beautify them with macramé patterns and curtain rods. 

Etsy-macrame-arches-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-PhiladelphiaEtsy-macrame-arches-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-arches-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

4. Picture-worthy backdrop designs
Get the walls in on the macramé fever, too, by selectively hangingbeautiful macramé knots on the walls. With an exquisitely woven wall tapestry like this one, your guests will need no other backdrop for the perfect gram-worthy picture. 

Etsy-macrame-backdrops-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-backdrops-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

Etsy-macrame-backdrops-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia 

5. Table runners
If the chairs, walls, and arches get to have their specially knotted pieces, the tables also deserve some crocheting. With these macramé table runners, your centerpieces will look state-of-the-art. 

Etsy-macrame-table-runners-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-table-runners-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-table-runners-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

6. Bouquet wraps
A macramé bouquet wrap, just like this one, is the crown of a macramé themed wedding décor.

7. Favor Ideas (Keychains)
A touch of macramé (if you’re taking your time to accept this trend) like these tasseled party favors is a subtle way to announce you’re nonetheless a macramé faithful. 

Etsy-macrame-keychains-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia Etsy-macrame-keychains-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia  Etsy-macrame-keychains-wedding-ideas-KMichWeddings Events-Philadelphia

Give your guests a bit of the unconventional wedding feel by incorporating any or all of these macramé décor ideas in your wedding. Get your day wedding planner to manage such wedding ideas. If you don’t have one, we are always here for you. Click HERE to talk to wedding coordinator.


  1. So retro. But lovely!

  2. Those arches are beautiful - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. Yes they sure are. The macrame gave them that extra touch. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    2. Yes they sure are. The macrame gave them that extra touch. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    3. Yes they sure are. The macrame gave them that extra touch. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    4. Yes they sure are. The macrame gave them that extra touch. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    5. Yes they sure are. The macrame gave them that extra touch. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  3. These macrame pieces add a lovely boho and creative flair to the decor.


  4. Wow. Macramé has come a long way from being used for plant hangers. These look pretty sophisticated and worthy of a party.


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