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My Wedding Veil, Macrame Boho Wedding Veil

Macrame-headband-veil-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia
Macramé Wedding Veil Future Bride

“Macrame is effortless”

Catherine Malandrino


Veils are the crowns of any bridal ensemble. Asides from your wedding gown (See what to do with the dress, post wedding, HERE), veils are the eye-grabbers, and choosing the right one is no easy feat for the bride-to-be. Maybe you’re an alternative bride who doesn’t want the classic tulle or lace veil but still wants to give a gracious nod to an age-long tradition. You want something different from your regular weddingideas… something non-traditional. Macramé might just be the answer to your veil-lemma—see what we did there?

A macramé wedding headband lets you include a veil in your bridal trousseau without looking too traditional. You’re still sticking to the script, but with a boho, fringy twist.


But, there’s the big question.

What is macramé?

Macrame-wedding-veils-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

Trendsetting. Carefree.  Effortless. Ethereal. These words perfectly describe the macramé design. This beautiful textile style is made from yarn or cotton strings intricately knotted into specific patterns which can be worn as clothing or kept as ornaments.

The macramé era didn’t just appear from nowhere, it’s been around for ages. Before Pinterest and social media made it popular, decorative macramé towels and napkins were used as wall hangings in ancient Arabic civilizations. In fact, the name macramé may have originated from the Arabic word “migramah” meaning ornamental fringe.

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The art of macramé knotting soon made its way to Europe and became a favorite pastime of the elite. It’s even rumoured that Queen Victoria gave macramé lessons to the noble ladies in her court.

After a while, macramé was stuffed into the musty chests of dated fashion. Until the 70’s happened. Macraméd waistcoats, purses, and jewelry became the badge of the free-spirited. It was glorious, but it didn’t last long.

However, macramé is back and it’s all the rage in the wedding scene. Many couples are opting for some form of macramé in their wedding plans. Why won’t they? The warm, homely feel is breathtaking. It transforms any wedding venue—beach, glade, field, or barn—into a sight from a fairy tale. 

And a macramé wedding band is the best way to incorporate this wonderful feeling into your special day. 

Why you should add a macramé veil to your wedding coordination ideas

There are a ton of reasons why you should choose a macramé veil instead of the regular veil options. However, we’ve selected a few handy bullet points to sway you into choosing knothing but macramé for your creative wedding reception ideas. 

FYI, you can reach out to us if you have any wedding planning questions. Now, why should you choose a macramé veil?

• It’s a splendid choice if you want to step away from the classics.

• Macramé wedding bands can fit a variety of wedding venues/themes. Barn weddings, field, beach, woods, and even destination weddings.

• You can make your macramé veil. Yes, they can be DIYed. Here’s a helpful tutorial video to start with.

• Macramé veils are light and comfortable; you barely notice that it’s there.

• You can accessorize with more macramé—bouquet wraps, earrings, sandals, anything.

And this is only scratching the surface, wait till you see these gorgeous macramé styles we found. You just might fall head over heels in love. And we’ll be here to catch you.

4 Creative Macrame Wedding Veil Styles For The Alternative Bride

1. Macramé Flower band

This whimsical macramé headband is a delicate twist to the usual macramé knot. We can’t help but think flower power.

Macrame flower band-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

Via Etsy

2. Black is the new white

Nothing says “I’m unique” more than this fascinating black macramé veil. 

Black-Macrame-veil-Macrame-wedding-veil-Boho-veil-Macrame-Hairpiece-Bohemian-veil-Bridal-accessory-Macrame-Headband-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

Via Etsy

3. Light and Breezy

This macramé design is simple, sweet and uncomplicated. 

White-macrame-veil-Short-boho-veil-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

Via Etsy

4. Twists and turns

Don’t want simple? Perhaps this intricate design is more your speed.

Macrame-veil-Macrame-wedding veil-Boho-veil-Macrame-Hairpiece-Bohemian veil-Macrame-Headband-Etsy-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia

There you have it. You don’t have to follow the usual, bland wedding veil train. You can ask your wedding planner or coordinator for trendy macramé ideas. Don’t have one? No worries. We can help create the perfect wedding plan for your special day. Your transformation is only a click away. Contact us today.


  1. So simple and beautifully elegant!

    1. Yrs, they are. Quite different from the traditional veils. Thanks for visiting and sharing,

  2. Those are really cool: love the boho vibe and uniqueness!

    1. Yes, we like anything different and boho. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are all such unique options!

    1. Thanks. We are always thinking outside the box. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What beautiful veils and love the one in black. Thanks for linking with #pocolo

    1. We couldn’t pick one; we like them all. Thanks for sharing.


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