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We Think Brides-To-Be Checklist Is a Good Idea for Her Bridesmaids

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The Bride-to-be Checklist to her Bridesmaids

“ Bridesmaids are like champagne; sparkling, 
bubbly and fancy” -anonymous

He finally popped the big question, and you couldn’t be happier. Now the ring is on and the planning has begun.

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most stressful experiences a new fiance has ever faced. Every single detail needs to be plotted out and expectations couldn’t be higher. You may have a checklist for yourself and what you need to do for the big day, but what about your bridesmaids?

How Bridesmaids Got Started

The tradition of bridesmaids goes back to Ancient Roman times. At the time, a marriage was only validated if there were 10 witnesses to the wedding. This was the beginning of bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids have always been intended to be a support system for the bride, but in ancient times this was considered much more important. Bridesmaids originally would dress identically to the bride to protect the future wife from a kidnapping! Also, the bridesmaids were seen as protection against demonic spirits and other nefarious entities.

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The detailed checklist for your Bridesmaids

What To Expect

Now, the role of a bridesmaid is much different. Being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honor, but it comes with a newfound responsibility. As a bride, you will have to rely on your bridesmaids for many things for the wedding to go smoothly. Whether you have 2 bridesmaids or 10, you want to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Your bridesmaids may have been a part of weddings before, but every ceremony is different and this can cause quite a bit of confusion. To clear up any misunderstandings, you will want to give your new bridesmaids a checklist of everything that is to be expected of them for the bachelorette party, the wedding dress shopping, the big day, and everything in between.

The best checklist to your Bridesmaids

1. Understand the time and financial commitment before saying yes
    ○ Being a bridesmaid isn’t always a walk in the park. It is critical to understand exactly             what is expected of you before the bride starts counting on you.
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2. Communicate with the wedding planner
    ○ Get the contact information of the planner from the bride, and let them know you want to stay up to date on everything. This will take a huge burden off the bride or groom who may be expected to pass on messages. If the bride is the wedding planner, it will be even more important to stay in consistent contact. She will likely be overwhelmed with the planning of the event.

3. Order your bridesmaid dress months in advance
    Bridesmaid dresses can take weeks or months to even be delivered. From there you will likely need alterations that will take even more time. It is essential to buy your dress several months in advance to avoid being left empty-handed on the wedding day.

4. Attend bridal dress shopping
    ○ When the bride goes to pick out the wedding dress, it is an event you will not want to miss. 

5. Plan and attend the bridal shower
    ○ The bridal shower should be a celebration for the bride. For her to fully enjoy the event, she’ll need someone to take over and plan it. Ensure that someone has delegated this task as soon as possible

6.Plan and attend the bachelorette party
    ○ The bachelorette party might be a small get-together or it could be a big blowout. Communicate with your bride on what is expected and make sure that the budget is discussed.

7. Book your hotel and transportation for the big day
    ○ You are responsible for booking your hotel and guaranteeing your transportation from the rehearsal dinner through the big day. Make sure your room is secured in case there is a shortage later on.

8. Help the bride get dressed on the wedding day
    ○ The morning of the wedding is an extremely emotional time. Staying positive and avoiding conflict is crucial during this time. This is the most important part of your role as a bridesmaid. 

9. Be on the dance floor
    ○ Be the life of the party without being a mess. Know your limits and have a good time!

Bridesmaids-checklist-wedding-planning-KMich Weddings and Events-PHILADELPHIA PA

Note to the Bride
While this checklist covers the basics, you will want to update it with your personal preferences. No two weddings are the same and this is something only you or a wedding planner can account for.

The most important thing is choosing your bridesmaids wisely. Pick the girls you know you can depend on and your other friends will thank you later. 

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