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The Things You Need to Know That Your MOH Can and Cannot Do


The Things You Need to Know That Your MOH Can and Cannot Do-wedding planning-wedding day-maid-of-honor checklists-Weddings by KMich-Philadelphia PA

These Are The Dos and Donts For Your Maid-of Honor

“The highest happiness on Earth is the 

happiness of marriage.” - William Lyon Phelps


Planning for a wedding is stressful business: but luckily, you’ve got a team of bridesmaids to support you throughout the process, and make things fun.

The most important bridesmaid position, the Maid of Honor is typically a very close friend or family member that stands by the bride’s side on the special day. But Maid of Honor tasks start far before the wedding day: there are things they should do leading up to the wedding to contribute to the day.
Here are some of the things Maids of Honor should do as an important part of their loved one’s wedding:

1. Make sure you can commit before you agree to be Maid of Honor
As Maid of Honor, you are required to make a significant time and financial commitment leading up to the wedding. You will want to ensure you are available to be there for the bride throughout their engagement and on the big day.

Bachelorette-bridal-shower-party-Fernando-nuso-KMich Weddings-PA

2. Coordinate bridal events
Most bridal parties will plan out a bridal shower and bachelorette party to celebrate the bride, exchange gifts, and get everyone excited for the wedding. As Maid of Honor, you should be the primary planner and contact for these events.

3. Keep track of the bridesmaids’ responsibilities
Bridesmaids are often required to get the right dress, shoes, and jewelry, as well as arrange their travel and stay for the wedding and various other responsibilities. As Maid of Honor, you are in charge of ensuring all the brides have the right things for the day of the wedding, and are all set for the various other wedding events.

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4. Plan for the unexpected
On the day of the wedding, it’s common for someone to forget to do something, lose an item, or simply feel a little hungover from the night before. When you’re Maid of Honor, you will want to ensure you’re prepared for these situations, with backup items, a list of things to do, and have the essentials like ibuprofen.


9 Reasons Your Maid of Honor May Walk Away

Maid-of-honor-duties-wedding-planning-KMich Weddings-PA

Though Maids of Honor have a lot of wedding responsibilities, there are some things that are simply not their job. Remember: your Maid of Honor is not your wedding planner.

Here are some key things that might cause your Maid of Honor to step down from their position:

1. Scouting out photoshoot locations
Your Maid of Honor should not be picking out locations for your various bridal photoshoots. If you are a DIY bride, you should be taking that initiative or checking in with a day-of wedding planner.

2. Booking the makeup artist
While your Maid of Honor can help you choose between potential options, they should not be booking your makeup artist. The same goes for the hair stylist!

3. Deciding on the meal
As the bride, it is up to you to work out a menu that meets your guests’ needs. Your Maid of Honor should not be involved in this aspect of the planning.

4. Picking out the flowers
Though your bridesmaids will likely be holding bouquets on the wedding day, they should not be booking the flower service.

5. Booking the venue
For your wedding, you should have final say over your chosen venue - and do all the necessary tasks to book it yourself. Your Maid of Honor should not be involved in the booking process.

6. Manage your guest list
You and your husband-to-be should make the final decisions on who you’d like to invite to the wedding, and manage the RSVP’s as they come in.

7. Arrange the music
Whether you’re getting a DJ, a live band, or sticking with a predetermined playlist and speakers, as the bride you are responsible to get these arrangements in order. Work with your wedding planner - not your Maid of Honor - to get these plans in motion.

8. Communicate with the venue
Your Maid of Honor may be in communication with your venue from time to time, but as the bride you should widely be taking your venue’s calls and handling the plans related to your big day.

9. Handling rentals
If you’re renting chairs, furniture or anything else for the day of the wedding, do not expect your Maid of Honor to be a part of the renting and handling. You are responsible for getting the proper rentals and handling payments.

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Planning a wedding is stressful, and it is understandable you may need help from time to time. Though your Maid of Honor can take on responsibility in other aspects of your wedding, planning for the actual day itself should widely be your responsibility or a day-of wedding coordinator.


  1. These are all great tips! I think it's important for the bride to also communicate to her maid of honor what her expectations are! I have never been a maid of honor and only a bridesmaid once. And there is a significant time and financial commitment to being a member of a wedding party. And communication is key! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!


    1. Thanks. We do have a bride-to-be checklist to her bridesmaids and maid-of-honor that we shared recently. It lists her expectation through the planning process. Thanks for sharing.


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