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Awesome DIY Trend That Will Make Your Wedding a Zinger

The Ultimate Idea That Will Most Definitely Have Your Wedding In The Spotlight

Planning a wedding on a budget involves a lot of DIY. Good thing we’ve got your back.

Staying updated on the world of wedding DIY is a great way to pull off a wedding that’s inexpensive yet timeless.

Well, there’s a new trend you should really think about during your wedding coordination. To be fair, it’s been around for a while though –and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

It involves reusing or repurposing items you may have ordinarily put in the recycle bin or discarded, into something absolutely stunning – old sheets into colorful bunting, records as placeholders... you name it. See? It’s pocket-friendly and eco-friendly.

It’s called UPCYCLING



Upcycling means making new furniture, objects, etc. from old or used things.

Like we said earlier, there are lots of things you can upcycle. But, there’s one item that’ll surely have your guests with their bottles up.

This Beautiful Upcycled Idea Should Absolutely Be on Your Radar
We’ve seen upcycling wooden pallets to make gorgeous wedding signs and photobooths. We’ve seen couples using upturned barrels as tables. And now, we’re giving you –drumroll please – upcycled bottles.

Those bottles leftover from your bridal shower and gathering dust in your cupboard can now be put to use. Beautiful use.

Spray Paint, glitter, stencil, or etch your way through your empty wine bottles to give that personalized touch to your wedding. Upcycled bottles can be used in a variety of ways; here are a few we totally adore.

1. Dashing Centerpieces
You can use them as eye-catching centerpieces filled with succulents or even dried floral arrangements for your sweetheart table. Or have the escort table adorned with a couple of them painted in metallic hues and announcing you and your partner’s new initials.

Decorated bottles can also be used to display table numbers.

2. Candleholders
Go rustic with this classic idea. Ditch the candelabras and get brightly colored bottles instead. If you don’t want candles, you can break out last year’s battery-operated Christmas lights instead to wow your guests with an ethereal ambiance.

You could also go hard-core on the DIY and make your upcycled wine bottles into a chandelier; you may need a little help with this though.

3. Wedding Game
They’re not only for decoration. You could use upcycled bottles for a fun wedding game. Paint them black and have your guests write quirky messages which they’d exchange with each other. It also serves as a great wedding keepsake for your guests – now they’d never forget your big day!

Another way to upcycle your bottles is to turn them into a quaint etched soap/sanitizer dispenser you could place for your guests at the entrance of your reception venue

PS: You can go wild on what you feel like decorating your bottles with – lace, twine, marbles, beads, frosting, and so on. Express yourself, DIY is all about personalization. See how to pair them. 




These AWESOME UPCYCLED ideas will make you want to try it
Of course, you don’t have to do all the paintings yourself; you could get a vendor to paint it for you in colors perfectly tailored to your wedding color scheme or theme – we can even help with that.

Photo Credits: svetlana prazdnichnaya

Awesome DIY Trend That Will Make Your Wedding a Zinger
Turn ‘trash’ into treasures with these trendy DIY bottle-upcycling ideas. Got any of yours you want to share with us? Or if you just have any questions about your wedding planning, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always here to answer them. Cheers! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your round up of wedding ideas at Vintage Charm!

  2. can't argue about anything that saves money. Weddings are super expensive #lilbitofeverything

    1. Absolutely. There’s nothing wrong with saving some money here and there!

  3. I love bottle art like this! And DIY wedding decor is such a great way to add personal touches to your big day. Thanks for sharing and linking up!


    1. They are pretty, aren’t they? And, a great way to add personality to your event. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are just lovely for weddings and other events as well! I'm here by way of Waste Not Wednesday! Hope you'll come link-up at Tuesday Turn About, via myweeabode.com. Hope to see you there!

  5. These designs are gorgeous !!

  6. Replies
    1. They sure are. Who would have thought empty bottles could be this pretty.

  7. I love the marbleized bottles as well as the trend of re-purposing and up-cycling, in general! Great post!

    1. Thank you! We love this idea of Upcycling and so personalized.

  8. What practical and beautiful ideas!


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