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Are you A Jumpsuit or A Dress Bride-to-be

Are you A Jumpsuit or A Dress Bride-to-be-wedding fashion-jumpsuits-rompers-wedding dress-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

Jumpsuits are Beautiful TIMELESS FASHION... See How Updated They Are

Picture a bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day. What are you imagining? Odds are, your imaginary bride is wearing a white dress and veil. Her dress might trail behind her in a long and elegant train, and she holds a beautiful bouquet of flowers as she looks expectantly towards her ecstatic spouse-to-be waiting at the front of the venue.

This is a very traditional vision of a bride, but it’s not the only option available. Now imagine a bride turning the corner to begin her walk down the aisle. Instead of a beautiful cathedral-style dress, she wears a stunning, sleek jumpsuit. Each stride empowers her even more, and the aisle becomes her catwalk as she struts down the aisle to her betrothed. Would you be shocked? Probably.

In this post, you will get ideas on:

Contrary to popular belief, white wedding dresses were not always the way to go. Earlier wedding trends were both culturally and economically driven. Many Eastern cultures dressed brides in specific colors or clothing styles in order to honor religious and cultural heritage.

Western cultures, on the other hand, favored more economic choices; brides usually got married in the best dress they currently owned, so it could be any color, style, or pattern. Those traditions started to shift in the mid-1800s.

When Queen Victoria of England married her husband, Prince Albert in 1840, she opted to wear a white gown with finely detailed British lace to promote the national industry. (JStor)   Her economic choice set a precedent for brides everywhere, and soon cultures around the world were flocking to white wedding gowns with stunning veil and flower combinations. By the end of the twentieth century, Victoria had cemented the bridal gown as an unbreakable tradition in the wedding world.

However, modern bridal experts say this trend has been changing in the wedding industry for many years. “As bridal wear is evolving, so is what [brides] are wearing,” Lien Founder and Designer Merredith Stoecklein said in a recent interview. She notes that “the right style and fabric can be elevated but still comfortable,” meaning that a bride wanting a non-traditional look can rock a jumpsuit and still feel classy, chic, and elegant. Sleek, embellished, bohemian, couture: all of these styles are available in affordable and stunning jumpsuits that make a statement on your wedding day.

Would You Rather Choose a Jumpsuit Or  a Dress?

Even better, jumpsuits can easily be re-worn at other formal events or dressed up or down to meet your daily needs. Whether pared down and simple or ornate and dramatic, jumpsuits and pantsuits are available in a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit every bride .

Here are just a few inspirations we found for an affordable yet stylish bridal jumpsuit and pantsuit options:

From Etsy, BHLDN, Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, to Lulus, and David's Bridal. 

Bride-to-be approved - 11+ Stylish Jumpsuits Pantsuits Rompers Reasonably Priced

What's Your Style: 

1. ETSY 

Summer Jumpsuit Modern Bride Sleeveless Jumpsuit 
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-pantsuit-minimalist-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Be Twins $450
White Strapless Elegant Jumpsuit with Wide Leg and Side Pockets, Wedding Jumpsuit 
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit with buckle-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
ClothesByLockerRoom $152
White Wedding Jumpsuit Wide Leg Overall Bridal Outfit Alternative Bride Wedding Pantsuit White Wedding Cape Bridal Jacket Bridal Cover Up Bridal Separates High Waisted Pants Two-Piece Bridal Set Alternative Bride Modern Cape 
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-cape-
Be Twins $450
White Wedding Top Bridal Separates Bridal Crop Top Wedding Separates Fitted Top Modern Bride Alternative Bride Minimalist Top Party Top 
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-minimalist-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Be Twins $262.50
Minimalist White Jumpsuit Wedding Jumpsuit Alternative Bride Flare Pants Bridal Jumpsuit Alternative Sexy Jumpsuit Modern Bridal Gown 
Bridal Fashion-bridal outfit-wedding beauty-jumpsuits-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Be Twins $450

Women wedding suit with flounces Modern bridal suit White wedding top long sleeve Bridal separates

Jumpsuits-separates-weddings-bridaloutfit-Weddings by KMich-Philadelphia PA
Be Twins $808

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Windham Jumpsuit

A charming bow detail makes a playful finishing touch for this one-shoulder jumpsuit in sleek crepe 
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-crepe-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Wyndham  $220

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuits-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

Theia Trinity Jumpsuit


Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuits-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Jill Stuart Mara Jumpsuit



Bridal fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-romper-jumpsuit-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

Hayley Paige Drew Romper



Belted Silk-Blend Crepe Jumpsuit 

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-silk-crepe-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Antonio Beradi $564
One-Shoulder Crepe Jumpsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-crepe-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Halston $475

Cadenza Ruffled Bonded Satin Jumpsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-satin-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Solace London $230

4. Neiman Marcus

Jay Godfrey Roland V-Neck Long-Sleeve Tuxedo Jumpsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Jay Godfrey $485

Lena Tuxedo Strapless Jumpsuit

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Black Halo $390

Kasey Shirred Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuit-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Solace London Kasey $330

5. Shopbop.com

Glenda Jumpsuit

Bridal Fashion-Amanda Uprichard-Glenda-jumpsuit-wedding beauty-Shopbop.com-Weddings+Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Amanda Uprichard $260

Josie Pantsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Misha Collection $238

6. Lulus 

White Lace Off-the-Shoulder Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuits-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Pass $ 68

All Your Heart White Lace Strapless Jumpsuit

Bridal Fashion-wedding beauty-bridal outfit-jumpsuits-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
Lulus Exclusive $88

You're My Favorite Champagne Satin Slit Leg Jumpsuit
Champagne-Satin-wide-leg-jumpsuit-wedding beauty-bridal fashion-bridal outfit-Lulus.com-Weddings+Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Lulus $78

Forever Awaits White Satin Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit
White-satin-flutter-sleeve-jumpsuit-wedding beauty-bridal fashion-bridal outfit-Lulus.com-Weddings+Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Lulus $78

Time After Time Champagne Floral Jacquard Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit
Time-champagne-floral-jacquard-puff-sleeve-jumpsuit-bridal outfit-bridal fashion-wedding beauty-Lulus.com-Weddings+Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Lulus $78

My Only One White Lace Halter Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
White-Lace-halter-wide-leg-jumpsuit-bridal outfit-wedding bueaty-Lulus.com-Weddings+Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Lulus $88
Haute Spot White Embroidered Lace Maxi Romper
Haute-spot-white-embroidered-lace-maxi-romper-bridal outfit-Lulus.com-Weddings + Events by KMich-Philadelphia-PA
Lulus $78

7. David's Bridal

One-Shoulder Crepe Wedding Jumpsuit with Bow Style
Bridal Fashion-wedding dresses-jumpsuits-bridal outfit-wedding-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA
DB Studio $ 189.95
Beaded Illusion Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Jumpsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding dress-jumpsuit-bridal outfit-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA
Galina Signature $499.99

Off-Shoulder Plus Size Wedding Jumpsuit with Train
Off-Shoulder Plus size jumpsuit with train-Bridal fashion-wedding dress-bridal outfit-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA
Melissa Sweet $299.99
Single Button Relaxed Fit Suit Jacket
Bridal Fashion-wedding dresses-jumpsuits-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA
David Bridal $199
Off-the-Shoulder Floral Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit

wedding-fashion-jumpsuits-David-bridal-Weddings + Events by K'Mich-Philadelphia-PA
DB Studio $249.95

8. Bronx and Banco
Lola Blanc Feather Jumpsuit in White 

wedding-fashion-jumpsuits-bronx and banco-Weddings + Events by K'Mich-Philadelphia-PA
Bronx and Banco $700

9. Amanda Uprichard
Champagne Jumpsuit  

wedding-fashion-jumpsuits-amanda uprichard-Weddings + Events by K'Mich-Philadelphia-PA
Amanda Uprichard $290

Gilda Jumpsuit

wedding-fashion-jumpsuits-amanda uprichard-Weddings + Events by K'Mich-Philadelphia-PA
Amanda Uprichard $277

10. Walmart
Tulip Sleeve Off-Shoulder Scuba Jumpsuit
Bridal Fashion-wedding dresses-bridal outfit-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA
Akira $99.99

Are You A Jumpsuit or A Dress Bride-to-be?
Final thoughts
At the end of the day, your wedding day should match what you feel most comfortable in. Whether you’re a born trendsetter or just more comfortable in pants, we believe each bride should have the wedding of their dreams.

Remember, there are no  rules saying  it has to be white or a dress. 
You may like this style:  Bridal  fashion

Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you through every step of the wedding planning process and ensure your day is the wedding of your dreams.

Bridal fashion-dress alternative-jumpsuits-pantsuits-rompers-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA


  1. Each to their own and I'm not a big fan of jumpsuits, they just don't suit me. I really don't like the first one, looks like a giant pair of trousers pulled up too far. The Jill Stuart Mara one is lovely and the one after it just looks like underwear.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. The one you described is considered a high waisted piece. Jumpsuits are typically for women who aren't a dressy person and rather something different. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope this isn't a trend that really catches on..........beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this girl votes for Lovely Wedding dresses....cause most of these are well, to be nice,
    just not the most flattering thing a girl could wear. lol

    1. Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There are brides-to-be who aren't fans of dresses so there should be some alternatives for them, right? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I could see this maybe for the reception! These are gorgeous jumpsuits though!

    1. Thanks. Yes, jumpsuits are hard to get on board with so I get it. But the piece are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am very much a non-traditionalist, so I absolutely love these options for wedding attire! I say wear what makes you feel fabulous on your special day no matter how far you stray from tradition! Great picks, too. Thanks for linking up!


    1. Yeaaa for the non-traditionalist. Yes, it's about what you feel comfortable and what makes you you. Thanks for sharing

  5. A jumpsuit wouldn't work for me, but I have to admit these are stunning!

    1. They are really stunning pieces. And, I get it, not everyone is a fan of jumpsuits. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A jumpsuit would make for quite a statement bridal look. Perfect for the bride looking for something unique and out-of-the-ordinary.


    1. Yes, the perfect alternative for the bride-to-be who wants something different. Thanks for sharing.

  7. They are really pretty and look stunning but all jumpsuits have one problem in common - they can be a real pain when you need to take them off (ie bathroom)

    1. Yes, there are very pretty and a great alternative for brides-to-be. I know that's the one problem to wearing a jumpsuit. Thanks for visiting and sharing your feedback.

  8. All of these white jumpsuits our fabulous! I see them being great for a second wedding or maybe for the court ceremony.


    1. Yes, great for either elopement, courthouse ceremony or even second wedding. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


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