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Here's What to Bring When Dress Shopping - Part II

The 7 Things You Should Have with You!!

Brides, here is what you need to have with you for a day on the hunt! Dress Shopping... Getting it right!

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Make sure you have these items with you

1. Strapless bra - one that you plan on wearing under your dress
2. Spanx - skin-colored undergarments, any shape shapewear
3. Clippings of favorite dresses (and a few you don’t like)
4. Clips/barrettes for quick updos
5. Heels of the height you plan to wear on your wedding day!
6. Your bridal look worksheet!
7. A small posse of honest people with great taste, two to three should be plenty!

Who Should You Bring With You?

Friendly Family
At a dress appointment, you want someone to help fasten your buttons, not push them. "We all have that family member likely to say the one thing that'll get under your skin." Instead, "you want soothing people who are careful with you and their words - who are honest but in a loving way".  As for future mothers-in-law? "Run it by your mom first...she may not tell you, but this is a very special time for her too." 

Chill Bridesmaids
If you're easily flustered, keep invites few (three to five) and intentional. "Think of it like hosting a dinner party," says bridal consultant "What is each person bringing and will they get along? "Who will encourage a pick that's authentically you, even if it's not their taste?" For everyone else - FaceTime, text, photos, or take them a fitting. "They'll still feel involved, but after the dress is chosen, you'd be a troll to say you don't like it then."

The Wild Card 
Someone completely unexpected can offer a fresh perspective. Bridal Consultant suggests a stand-in for your fiance such as your father or brother. "You will be surprised stylistically by what they think is beautiful versus confusing," he says. 

Serious suggestion: Consider going shopping at least once by yourself - free from all forms of judgment, persuasion, or manipulation from others (even those who are well-meaning). You want someone there who is one hundred percent team you - who is on your side when you're picking the dress that you love." Who better to trust than the team captain?
Courtesy of Brides.com
For more on what to bring when dress shopping, give us a call or send us an email/text and we will gladly help you figure out your planning and other things you need for your big day!

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