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14 Tasks You Can Mark Off Your WEDDING CHECKLIST While On Lockdown | K'Mich

What You Can Do While On Lockdown -

Wedding Planning CONTINUED... not CANCELED

14 THINGS You Can Mark Off Your Wedding Checklist

Stay On Track By Getting These Tasks Completed


So you’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive, a moment which you will commemorate in front of families and friends. But, now everything has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing has caused a major halt in how we interact with each other; we are pushed to stay home while mastering our TikTok routines but we should try to be productive by grasping our lives and embracing it and making it worth our while.

While at home, you can still continue with your planning DON’T LET COVID-19 DESTROY YOUR PLANS… where ever you are in the planning process, you can still continue with a few  tasks that require being online. 

In this post, you will get ideas on:

14 Tasks You Can Mark Off Your WEDING CHECKLIST

Your Wedding Lockdown Checklist | 14  

"We know nothing beats
 a salon visit where you can..."

1. Organize or Update Your Registry  ( 6 Tips )

Now is a good time to go through your registry to see if you missed something you may have wanted for a while. It could be a knife set, stemless wine glasses, or even a pot set. Add it! This is the perfect downtime to go through your registry and make sure you have everything you need to start your new life together.

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2. Start /Organize Your Pinterest Board(s)

If you haven't started a Pinterest board, this is a good time to start or organize your current board. Your style might have changed while being at home (#lockdown) for so long and you may have new ideas for your wedding. So, take this time and do so.

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3. Get a Vision (Mood) Board Started ( 4 Reasons )

This is a great way to have everyone on your team be on the same page with you.  This process helps you to figure out what you would like in your wedding, from a color palette, flowers, cake, invitations, to entertainment to after-party ideas - food, desserts, and anything else you may think of. You can grab your ideas from your Pinterest board(s) and place them on your vision board. C reate more than one, up to three with different styles, themes, and so on. This way you can compare each to see which one will be best for your wedding.

4. Create Your Playlist

Take this time to figure out your playlist; one that your guests will appreciate. Try and mix in old and new hits that will get your guests moving. With the help of the band or DJ, whichever you plan on hiring, you should be able to come up with a great list (Pop. Country, Hip-Hop, Rock). Oh! Don't forget the make a "do not play "playlist.""

5. Build/Finish up Your Website

If you haven't started your wedding website, now is a good time to start. This is where your guests will be checking in to see what's new with your wedding - change of date and so on. So, take this time to start or update it. 

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6. Self-Care 

This is a very stressful time we are going through so take time to add routines that will help you to rest, relax, and stay calm. This could be anything from yoga, mediation, workout, and so on. We also recommend using self-care apps that are provided through your Google Play store/App store to help you through this stressful process. 

7. Browse Wedding Attires (dresses + tuxedos)

We know nothing beats a salon visit where you can see, feel, and try on dresses and get that personalized salon experience. Retailers are now making it easy to accommodate customers with a digital online experience. In the meantime, before you go browsing, find your body type here
**Places to browse - Reformation , BHLDN, Moda Operandi, David's Bridal, Net-A-Poter, Shopbop , Needle & Thread, Farfetch, Zola , Amsale, Lulus, Floravere, Revolve, Nordstrom
PS. For the guys: The Black Tux , Men's Warehouse are places for your online experience. 

8. Check-in With Your Officiant

We recommend checking in with your officiant to see if they are comfortable with the video platform that you intend to use and any other reasons you may have. 

9. Write Your Vows

Whatever your wedding style, traditional, religious, etc. it's very hard to create the right vows that express how you feel so now is the best time to sit down and think about what you really want to say. What do you say?  How do you end? and so on. 

10. Check-in With Your Wedding Party

Communication is an essential part of effective wedding planning and wedding organization. Besides the normal methods of email and text messaging, we’ve come up with some additional ways you can keep everyone in your circle informed and share ideas. Read on to discover additional methods of  effective communication  that get results.

11. Write Your Thank Yous

The best time is three months after your wedding or two weeks of receiving a gift. But, now that you have time on your hands, this is a great time to put a dent in those "thank you" cards. You can start early and set them aside until you are ready for them. 

12. Still Do Your Pre-marital Counseling ( Online Counseling )

Now that we are practicing social distancing, it might be hard to keep your appointments. However, there are online counseling sessions being offered by therapists to accommodate this new norm and their clients' needs. So, reschedule your appointment with your therapist and get those sessions going.  Keep in mind, it must be mutually agreed upon by both of you. It cements or solidifies exactly where you both stand on issues as you proceed to your glorious future!

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13. Create Your Wedding Timeline  

Do you really need a  wedding timeline ? Won’t everyone already know what they need to do? Yes, and no. Everyone will have a good idea of what they need to do but putting it all together and making it run smoothly requires strategy and organization, two key elements in wedding planning that cannot be skipped or disaster will follow. Not really a disaster but things won’t go as planned and you may end up disappointed in the end. So, with this extra time, start working on it.

14. Strategize With Your Planner 

If you are working with a planner, huddle up using platforms such as Zoom (free to use up to 100), Skype (paid), etc. to continue planning. We recommend using this time to connect with your planner to let them know how much you appreciate their work and time. 

14 Items You Can Mark Off Your WEDDING CHECKLIST While On Lockdown
Final thought
So, by accomplishing these 14 tasks while on lockdown, you will surely keep you up to date and on time with your wedding list. So, keep at it. Give us a call if you need any additional help. We offer virtual planning and free 30-min consul via phone.

If you don't have a month-to-month wedding checklist, here's one you can look at here

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