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Why It's Important For You To Stay Away From These 6+ Things

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life, but as hard as it might be to believe, the best thing you can do on this day is to be yourself. Yeah, it does sound crazy, but this is one sage piece of advice. It's handed down by generations of blissful brides and suggests that the best way to ensure that the big day is successful and get past all the stress is to act as though it is any other day. Well, kind of. You may have many things planned out that you will do on that day - crazy, crazy things you have never done in your life. But hold on. Here are ten things you should not do on your wedding day.

In this post, you will learn:

Risk Doing These 6+ Things and Your Wedding day Won't Be Grand

#10. Bridal Detox: 
Never do a detox the day or night before your wedding, 
this won't end well. If you feel bloated and 
you think doing a detox is your answer...

1. Plan Intensive Beauty Treatments
Do not indulge yourself in luxurious spa treatments anything less than a few days before your wedding day. While you should indulge in a little pampering, it is a better idea to plan your intensive beauty treatments three days prior to the big day. Why? Because you never know if you might have some funny reactions to that facial or brow max. For mani-pedis, they should be done one or two days before, leaving only hair and makeup for the big day.
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2. Try a New Makeup Look
Wedding planning is pretty intensive and with so much to do already, it is not the time to experiment with new makeup looks. Instead, stick to your normal makeup routine with maybe one or two changes. Trying something new on the day of your wedding could be disastrous, especially if you discover that you are allergic to that reportedly fantastic new concealer everyone is raving about. You also do not want to find out that the expensive new mascara you just bought dries like concrete.

3. Break-in a New Pair of Shoes
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You have chosen the perfect dress and the perfect pair of designer pumps to go with it. If you have not worn the shoes before this day, you may want to reconsider your choice. The last thing you want to do on a day like this is spent it wincing in pain from blisters caused by new shoes. Over the course of the day, you will spend 10 - 12 hours on your feet in those shoes if they are not comfortable you will not be happy.

It’s understandable, you’ve been saving them for this perfect day. The best thing you can do is take them out of the box and wear them for a few hours the night before or bring a pair of flats or ballerina slippers to put on after the nuptials to cushion your feet for the rest of the day. You’ll still look fabulous walking down the aisle, and won’t be dying through the reception due to aching feet.

4. Do Not Arrive Late
You can arrive late for lunch all you want. But on your wedding day, you are not allowed to be late for even a few minutes. Plan things in plenty of time so you don’t have to rush around doing last-minute tasks. Rushing and showing up late will put a damper on an entire day and it will not feel as special as you hoped it would be.

Even if you are the supreme overlord of last-minute endeavors, your wedding day should be a huge exception. Rather than strolling in thirty minutes after your guests have been seated, be punctual enough to not keep anyone waiting any longer than necessary.

Hard-exercises-wedding-day-KMich Weddings and Events-Philadelphia PA

5. Do Not Do Hard Exercise
Working out is probably an essential part of your daily routine. If it helps you unwind before you say your vows, then do not let anything stop you. But do not push so hard that you pose yourself the risk of getting a muscle pulled. In the same way, do not expend every ounce of energy you have in the name of trying to stay sharp. Don’t forget that you have a long day and a long night ahead of you. If you normally do not exercise, then your wedding day should not be the day to start. Keep things simple.

6. Packing For The Honeymoon
In a perfect world, you would be packed for your honeymoon a few days before your wedding ceremony. Trying to do everything on the morning of the big day or after the reception, puts too much pressure on you and you’ll forget things you needed to bring. Nevertheless, if you do not have the chance to do it beforehand, you can delegate this task to a trusted friend or relative. If you are leaving the next day, leave it aside and do it after the wedding.

7. Don't Control Everything
Brides have the tendency to want to be on top of everything on their wedding day. That practice is well-intentioned, but you should allow yourself to relax so you can enjoy the day you have dreamed of for so long. Besides that, you have an amazing family that's rooting for you and making sure that everything goes smoothly, so sit back, relax and breathe. If you happen to be a confirmed control freak, make your day-of timeline ahead of time and share it with everyone involved in the wedding planning.

8. Writing Your Vows
See, men do not usually have this problem because most of them lead simple lives. It is the bride who seemingly has many things to attend to that could postpone writing her vows till the day of the wedding. If you want to make a few changes to your handwritten vows, there's no problem. But do not start writing it on that day! Your vows are a heartfelt expression of love, not something you rush on the morning of your wedding day.

9. Do Not Skip Meals
More than anything, brides need to stay fueled on their wedding day - it cannot be stressed enough. Do not subscribe to the school of thought that says your wedding dress will not fit if you have breakfast.
Another thing you should not miss is lunch - it is your wedding day, so you have to know how the food tastes and eat just like everyone else. Getting married is not an abstinence sentence. If you plan to indulge yourself in a getting-ready cocktail or two, you need to eat all the more.

10. Bridal Detox 
Never do a detox the day or night before your wedding, this won't end well. If you feel bloated and you think doing a detox is your answer... it's not; it will start working when you least expect it. 
Rule of thumb: always do a detox on the weekends or when you know you don't have anywhere to go. One bride learned the hard way. She did a detox because she felt bloated and thought doing a detox would relieve her bloating, well it did, but at the wrong time... The next day (wedding day) she had the runs before she could say her 'I do'... So, never do a detox the night/day before your wedding. 

11. Last Minute Big DIY Projects
You decide you want to bake 100 mini muffins for brunch or tie ribbons around some 300 packages for the reception favors. These are nice ideas in theory if you can get them done three days prior. But not so much when the morning of the wedding day is nigh. The only Do It Yourself projects you can take on are the ones you can complete with enough time to spare before without having to go all ballistic on your wedding day. Allow yourself as much free time as possible.

Back to You
In a nutshell, so long as you are focused on planning a nice wedding, having a to-do list should be a priority and goes a long way in helping you successfully organize your wedding.  Read through all of the points we mentioned above, digest them, and make sure you remember not to do any of them when the big day rolls around.

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Updated: October 17, 2021 | Updated: 6/13/2022

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