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7 Things to do the Week of Your Wedding!

The Ultimate 1-Week Checklist to 

Get You Ready! 

When the big day is mere hours away, it's crunch time for your wedding beauty checklist. Yes, in addition to all your last-minute to-dos, there's also some final beauty prep left to do in the week leading up to the wedding. No need to freak out—we've outlined all of your last-minute bridal beauty must-dos, below. You got this, girl!

1. Get a body treatment—and a massage
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After all that planning you deserve a break—and glowing skin from head to toe. Kick off the seven-day countdown with a relaxing massage to stimulate the lymph system and add on a body treatment, like a body scrub or wrap, to bring out your skin's glow (#TreatYourself). Use the massage to get a good stretch in, too, because we all know those wedding-planning muscles need some loosening up.

2. Pack your beauty kit for the wedding

Yes, your makeup artist and hairstylist are the pros, but we all have our favorite beauty products, and it's totally okay to bring them for your wedding day. Besides, it's better to be prepared than to panic over a makeup meltdown or bad hair day. Use the week leading up to the wedding to pack your favorite essentials—don't go crazy and pack a full suitcase. Just bring along those must-have products, like that dry shampoo you can't live without or the concealer that magically erases dark circles.

3. Get Waxed

Legs, bikini line, arms—whatever you wax, do it about five to six days before the wedding to let any inflammation and redness calm down. Go straight to the professionals for your wax and steer clear of DIY treatments to avoid any beauty mishaps. If you're all about keeping things au naturel, then that's one less thing on your list.

4. Schedule a brow shaping and eyelash extension

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Speaking of hair, don't neglect your brows. Groomed arches are an essential part of your beauty look for the big day and now is not the time for any brow makeovers. See your favorite brow expert to clean up your arches and pluck any strays, while maintaining the shape you normally have.
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5. Book a manicure and pedicure

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Carve out some time during the busy week to relax and enjoy a mani-pedi. Have your colors of choice in mind beforehand or have some nail art inspo handy when you go in. If you're still unsure, you can never go wrong with neutral nudes à la Meghan Markle. Either way, give yourself enough time to sit under the dryer or better yet, opt for gel to ensure zero chips.
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6. Get a spray tan

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If you're an expert at self-tanning, then go for it two or three days before the big day and bronze up. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals and treat yourself to a spray tan with enough time to rinse and let the tan develop into a natural shade. Pro tip: Book your appointment in the evening so that you can go straight home and avoid spending the entire day in fear of staining every surface you touch.

7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

It goes without saying that a good night's sleep and tons of H2O are essential to anyone's well-being—and are a major priority in the week leading up to your walk down the aisle. In addition to snoozing for eight hours a night, reach for water all day, every day to remain hydrated and keep puffy skin far, far away. Take things a step further and hydrate skin with a nourishing moisture mask and hair with a deep conditioner.

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Updated 6/13/2022


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