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Just In Case You Missed It - Wedding Week Recap - June 18 - June 21| Weddings by K'Mich

K'Mich Weddings in Philadelphia PA - wedding planning - wedding week in review June 18 thru June 22

Wedding Week Review

Congrats to all the couples who got married this month. We wish you all nothing but the best in your life together!

As the week comes to a close (Happy Friday!πŸ™Œ), we have looked at a few great things that we found helpful and shared them with you, either on our blog, Pinterest boards or Instagram page, for you to read or see.

With the first day of Summer being Thursday, we would like to highlight a few things that we think will be great Summer tips - for skincare/makeup, nails, finding a venue, and a few wedding tips.

In this article, you will get tips on:

Health & Beauty Tips

1. Health - You and Omega-3

Keeping that glow starts from the inside out, that’s why you should load up on your Omega-3 oils to get and to keep that glow! A hydrated inside keeps your skin, not only your face, wrinkle-free… Click to keep readingπŸ‘‡
Fish oil- beauty-tips-health-wedding-beauty- KMich Weddings

2. Beauty Tips - You and Skincare/Makeup

Getting the right makeup look is very daunting, especially when you don’t know what you are doing. No matter how many times you watch a YouTube tutorial on this… you still think that something is wrong. Well, this could be your regime needs a bit of tweaking... Click to see the makeup tips we got from Concept Studios πŸ‘‡
K'Mich Weddings in Philadelphia PA - wedding planning - wedding week in review June 18 thru June 22

Wedding Planning Tips

3. You and your dress

Brides, how would you feel if there was something out there to help you go to the bathroom and not have to bring your bridal posse or just your MOH? Well, what if we say there is! Guess what! We saw the premiere of such a product on Shark Tank last year and the owner reached out to us about it… We are so in love with this idea… If you don’t believe us, click the link below and see for yourselves!πŸ‘‡
K'Mich Weddings Philadelphia PA - wedding ideas - wedding planning services - bridal buddy

4. You before the day of your wedding
We know the day before your BIG day, you are nervous, anxious, or maybe overwhelmed if you are a DIY bride. Well, check out what we have in store for you to help you relax and get… Click to keep reading to get those tips and a discount!πŸ‘‡

5. Finding the right venue
Before settling on a venue, I know... I know...  it’s just what you are looking for - high ceiling, chandelier, etc. But, here’s what you need to know or ask before saying this is the one…? Click to see what they are πŸ‘‡

6. Cake Decision
Your wedding cake should certainly taste great, but it should also turn heads. It's good to have it match your wedding style, echoing your colors, flowers, or theme and your tastes. You can even have it created to match the bride's dress, with similar detailing or motifs. 
K'Mich Weddings Philadelphia PA - wedding ideas - wedding planning services-cake ideas

3. Here’s what we found and liked and shared on our Pinterest board

7. Bridal Hairstyle & Hair Accessories
So, we are liking these floral crowns a lot. You can add any flowers, including greenery to for your desired look. Click on the link to see them πŸ‘‡

8. Bridal Nail Ideas
We know this is not related to weddings (but you can make it so if you want), but we love these nail designs. I know… I know… Just hear me out. These designs will make you want to wear your open-toe shoes all year round… Okay, check them out here and see what we mean! πŸ‘‡
K'Mich Weddings Philadelphia PA - wedding ideas - wedding planning services-nail designs

That's it for the week in review. We hope you liked our selections and found them useful. Hang around and find more articles in our archive! πŸ˜€ 

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