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15 Last Minute Wedding Tips for DIY Planners

The 6+ Top Things to do when planning a wedding

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6+ Secrets to Reducing STRESS While planning a wedding

1. Delegating 
The closer your wedding day gets, the more responsibilities and contact with wedding professionals you should assign to attendants and family. If you have a planner, she should be on top of all, if not you are responsible to follow up with everything. 

2. Do It Now
Bite the bullet and create the seating chart so that you can hand it off to your reception hall manager or caterer at least two days before the wedding. Decide where to post the directory (or display of table cards) to inform each guest where to be seated. 

3. Take Notes 
Prepare a day-of package for each vendor. Note any last-minute requests you have made on paper. Also include items they will need on the actual day, in case they forget their copies (for example, the song list for the DJ, special requests for the caterer, a list of must-get people for the photographer). 
4. Call to Confirm 
When you call each vendor the day before the wedding, make sure to confirm that they have - directions to and address of the site, your day-of contact information (cell phone), and the name of their point person during the wedding. If they sound confused about any of the above information, put it in writing for them and fax it. 

5. Dress Up 
Several days before your wedding; try on your entire ensemble one last time. Catch any dangling threads or last-minute alterations that are needed on the dress. Confirm the comfort of your underclothes and shoes – don’t hesitate to buy replacements if you have any problems. 
6. Be Generous
Don’t let your gifts for your wedding party, parents, or each other get left off the list because of lack of time. Last-minute f=gift ideas include bottles of fine wine, flowers, or gift certificates to favorite restaurants. 

7. Review Rooming 
It’s all too easy for guest accommodations to get confused. Contact each hotel and ask for a listing of all the rooms booked for your wedding. Make sure all out-of-towners who have made reservations are accounted for. Most important, confirm your own accommodations – so you don’t spend your wedding night camped out on a friend‘s couch! 

8. Meet and Greet 
Put in a call to each guest who has traveled to attend your wedding, even if you just leave a message at their hotel. Have a list ready of who is arriving, when, and where (including phone number) in case you are absolutely swamped by some pre-wedding emergency. 

9. Schedule an Early Rehearsal Dinner 
Talk to the hosts about planning it so that you’ll have time to chill out the night before the wedding. 

10. Check the Weather 
If you’re marrying in winter or summer, keep potential blizzards and heatwaves in mind and plan accordingly (for example, make sure the church parking lot will be shoveled; double-check the air-conditioning at the reception hall). 
11. Relax 
If the wedding is in the evening, don’t spend the entire day freaking out about it. Deal with last-minute issues that need your attention, but also take some time to relax=x, get a massage, or even work out. 

12. Make Contact 
Create a complete wedding contact list to take along on the big day. 

13. Don’t Overdo Alcohol 
Even if you’re nervous. Especially if you’re not eating much (brides and grooms don’t get much time with their dinner plates), overdoing the alcohol at your own reception could truly be a bad idea. Better: Drink water. 

14. Make the Rounds 
Even if you have a receiving line, it’s a nice gesture to stop to talk to your guests, let them toast you, and pose for their pictures. 
15. Don’t Be a Perfectionist 
Things are bound to go wrong – what you can control is how much you let it bother you. Those tend to be some of the best moments, anyway.

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