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What You Should Do after Your 'I do'

The 7 Things You Should Do Before and After Your Honeymoon!

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Yes, you finally did it!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Now, it's off to your honeymoon to relax and enjoy the short time together without any distractions. By distractions, we mean trying to remember whether you paid the vendors or return any rentals that you used for your wedding.

If you are working with a planner she/he will have these covered. If not, we have provided a simple checklist that can be used by you or your MOH.

Your To-do Checklist: 2

What to do Before the Honeymoon 

1. Tip & Pay Remaining Vendors

Do this after the reception. Your planner should take care of this. If you are not working with a planner, then provide a list of vendors with the amount owed to your MOH so that she/he knows who gets what.
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2. Return Rentals 

If your wedding was at a country club, then you are covered. On the other hand, if you use a venue that does not assist with returns, do make sure your MOH is on top of it. All rentals should be returned within a week. Check each contract for their return policy. Oh, don’t forget to give your MOH the contract so that she knows what to expect.

What to Do After Your Honeymoon

3. Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Dress 

Do this after your honeymoon. Your biggest fashion statement piece, including your shoes, bouquet, and veil, should not be buried in the back of your closet. 

You stand the risk of dust build up on the fabric, yellowing/browning of the fabric from the humidity of your closet, permanent staining from earlier use, and maybe shrinkage of the fabric. 

(See link to David Bridals on preservation below) If you decide on doing the preservation yourself, make sure you gather your information from reputable places and follow their step by step directions. If you mess up, there is non-recourse in the end. 
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4. Repurpose Your Flowers
Don’t toss your flowers, recycle them instead. Besides encouraging your local guests to take home the excess blooms, you also can arrange to have flowers dropped off at hospitals or nursing homes and coordinate the delivery with your florist. “You have so many leftover flowers after the wedding,” says Craig. “Bringing them to a nursing home or a hospital could really just brighten up their day.” Even Meghan Markle donated the flowers from her stateside baby shower!
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5. Send your "Thank You" Cards 

The best time is three months after your wedding or two weeks of receiving a gift. Here is a list of people you should send a thank you card to: 

- anyone who attended your engagement party
- engagement party host

- those who attended your bridal shower

- your officiant

- everyone in your bridal party

- those who helped with the planning of your wedding

- your parents 

- vendors who helped to make your day possible

- the ushers

- guests at your wedding

This may take a few days to complete, depending on how detailed your wedding was. So, designate a few days for the job and split it between you and your hubby!πŸ’“

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6. Review Your Registry 

The best time is six months after the wedding. You can do this after you send out your ‘thank yous'. Check to see if the registry offers any type of discounts you can apply to any big ticketed items. Closeout your registry when you’re finished purchasing what you want.

7. Change Your Name  

If you plan on changing your last name, you have a year to do so. If you do choose to change your last name, remember to change it across the board. This includes all bank accounts, passport, driver's license, credit cards, social security card, and your job. HR will have to update your tax information and insurance to reflect your new name. 

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What will you do with your wedding dress? Will you donate or preserve it? Share your comments in the comment box below.

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