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Discovering the Top tips for your outdoor proposal


Discovering the Top tips for your outdoor proposal

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When planning your proposal, there is a never ending list of factors to consider, from the weather, to location, to lighting. However, venturing into the great outdoors can make for a truly romantic and memorable experience as you and your partner begin your journey together.

Whether you’re planning an intimate moment or a big public declaration of your love, you will certainly find a spot that’s perfect for you. But how do you even begin the planning process, and what do you need to do in the build-up to the big day to ensure everything runs smoothly?

Check out our list of top tips to help you devise a dreamy outdoor proposal.

Where you propose - Public or Private? Doesn't Matter

Just because you’re set on an outdoor proposal doesn’t mean you necessarily want it to be in a public space. While many couples like the idea of being surrounded by people in an atmospheric spot, some will prefer a more intimate setting. As a result, it’s important to decide whether you want a public or private outdoor space, as this will help to guide your search to find the perfect proposal location.

It is also important to factor in how the public might affect your plans. Unfortunately, as much as it might feel like you’re the star in your own movie, you can’t control the actions of other people when in a public space. Think about how your photos will look with members of the public in the background, or even the attention you will naturally draw in this situation.

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Remember to Check the weather forecast

Checking the weather is a prerequisite in the planning process for any outdoor proposal.

Whilst a rainy scene could certainly make for some romantic photographs, getting down on one knee in the soaking wet weather doesn’t scream ‘dream proposal’. In the event of a last minute downpour, it could prove useful to have a plan B in mind to ensure the day goes off without a hitch.

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Try Incorporating the sun

Proposal TIPS-engagement-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

Sunrises and sunsets can add that romantic je ne sais quoi to your magical outdoor proposal. Check online to find out the timings in your area and try to plan accordingly. To get the very best backdrop, head to a higher spot with unobscured views of the horizon. Not only will this make for some wonderful photos for you to cherish, but the light of the setting or rising sun will also make your beautiful diamond ring sparkle and come to life. 

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How creative are you?

Morris Arboretum-venue-proposal ideas-engagement-Weddings by K'Mich-Philadelphia PA

Proposing outdoors gives you the opportunity to utilize Mother Nature’s beauty to its full potential by getting creative with your method of proposal. Long gone are the days of hiding the ring in a cake, or pointing up to the jumbotron at a sporting event. Think about any shared hobbies or passions you have with your partner and see if you can incorporate them into your plan of action. 

It could be a hike to your favorite spot, or an early morning breakfast at your local beach or park. Perhaps you can revisit the location of your very first date, or the place you met. With an endless supply of romantic outdoor options, plan your proposal carefully and you will be sure to create a fairy-tale moment you have both always dreamed of. 

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