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Wedding Rules Not Working for You Here's How to Ditch Them

Here's How To Be The Best Version Of You On Your Wedding Day - Ditch the Rules

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Traditional wedding clichés not working for you? A dream wedding is so much more than ticking items off a wedding checklist. It's about honoring what matters to you and your partner. So if you don’t feel like a church or another place of worship is important, pick a location of significance to you. If tossing the bouquet is not your thing, or wearing something old and blue isn’t your style, nothing is stopping you from reimagining these traditions. 

Wondering whether there are wedding rules or mandates and bridal fashions that you absolutely must follow? The short answer is no. 

Whether you choose to wear your mother’s wedding gown or invest in something new, all you need to remember is that it is your big day, and you can do as you please. So why not break free from traditional ideas such as an elaborate gown, trails, veils, tiaras, and heels? Instead, opt for a fashion-forward style that will dazzle your guests!

Your wedding ideas are important, especially when it comes to your wedding dress, and we are here to help you turn them into reality.

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Ditch The Wedding Rules and Be the Best Version Of You on Your Big DAY

Your Bridal Fashion Redefined


Ditch the traditional white wedding gown and choose from options like pantsuits, jumpsuits, rompers, minis, and much much more. Swap the tulle skirts for satin with boho-style embroidery. Go for sequins, gold and silver stars instead of lace. Swap the heels and satin with cowboy boots with a crochet dress and bell sleeves. Rules are meant to be broken. So surprise your guests with your choice of outfit and throw them off their feet.

Try a Touch of Color(s)

If white is not your color, you can go with any color you please. Have a goth wedding—complete with a black gown, ebony dessert counters, bouquets with muted amber, and black plated and etched wine glasses. Prefer Fall colors? How about shades of amber under layers of purple or Pantone Puce?

Color dresses-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PAColor dresses-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA
Color dresses-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

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Trains and Veils

Big hats-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PABig hats-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PABig hats-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PABig hats-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

Bridal trains and veils have been admired by anyone who’s seen a royal family wedding. That doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Be the bride that breaks all wedding stereotypes. A stunning hat adds elegance and simplicity. It also brings attention back to your face, and make your dress look more elegant. From floral or lace-embellished straw hats to broad-brimmed, draped, to brocaded, the options are endless.

Your Accessories

Floral decor-dried-wedding ideas-wedding blog ideas-Weddings by K'Mich- Philadelphia PA

Fresh flowers for the bridal bouquet are so blah. Try dried and painted flowers or paper ones. If you’re going rustic, stalks of wheat and tastefully adorned with pine cones will be the perfect accent. Don’t like flowers? How about a feather bouquet? It's so feminine! Not to mention you can glam it up as you please. Want colors? Absolutely. Bling? Add some beads and sequence. 

Whether you’re eco-conscious, on a budget, allergic or simply wanting to awe and inspire, try something new with your wedding bouquet.

To Sum It Up

On the biggest day of your life, when the spotlight is on you and where the aisle is your personal runway for a few hours, remember that the only thing that matters is how you feel.

You don’t have to follow the rules just because someone else did. Brief one of our day wedding planner about your choices—be it mismatched fashion and table decor, picking a BFF to officiate your ceremony, or organizing a pre-wedding wedding side cocktail hour.

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