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The Biggest and Best Ways to Give Back During Your Wedding

Top 7 areas to pay it forward

“Give back to the world what

you have received.”

- Albert Einstein

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Weddings are times of generosity and love between not only you and your soon-to-be spouse but between you and your community as well. Friends and family, other loved ones- everyone has time to share in this special day. Giving back is a great way to demonstrate the love that you and your partner are sharing, but coming up with the perfect wedding ideas to give can be a challenge. Our wedding planners have put together a list of amazing ideas for couples to pay it forward during your wedding that celebrates all the best things about love and life.

Giving Back During Your Wedding

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The Top Seven Ways to Give Back During Your Wedding

Giving back during your wedding and beyond-KMich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

BEFORE YOUR WEDDING is the best time to think about giving back

1. Register for Others’ Needs

Many couples use weddings as an opportunity to fill their new home or apartment with items they need thanks to a handy gift registry. If self-funding your wedding or your happily-ever-after  isn’t an issue for you, consider making a registry of charitable donations instead. Ask for specific donations to charities of your choosing.

2. RSVP - With Food!

RSVPs are an important part of the wedding plans; without an RSVP, you won’t know who is even coming! As part of your wedding festivities, consider asking guests to demonstrate they’ll be attending your wedding by dropping off a donation at a local food shelter and sending you a picture- their proof of doing something good will also serve as a reminder you can count on them to stand by you on your big day!

3. Non-Profit Venues that Promote and Party

When you’re picking the locale for your dream day, consider renting out a local non-profit organization or venue. The rental fees you pay will likely be comparable to other venues, but you’ll have the added benefit of knowing your money is going to a good cause while you party up your big day. Plus, it’s free advertising for the non-profit to your guests!

Think about giving back DURING YOUR WEDDING

4. Party Favors that Favor Others

Wedding tokens or favors have become a staple of the bridal world, but many couples fear that these favors tend to become a big drain on the budget and a waste of time and materials for guests who won’t enjoy them. Designing an ethical wedding doesn’t have to exclude favors. Consider turning your favors into symbols of donations to charity instead- each guest receiving, say, a certificate of donation or a gift that benefits charities when you purchase it.

5. Keep It Green

Another not so obvious way to give back throughout your ceremony is to keep the environment at the forefront of your wedding plans. Give back to future generations by prioritizing recyclable, sustainable items in both your decor and your clothing, creating a green wedding that’s as exciting as it is ethical.

Another area to keep the giving going, AFTER YOUR WEDDING

6. Donate Your Dress

For brides and bridesmaids, your wedding wear is not likely something you’ll have the opportunity to wear again. As beautiful as your wedding dress will be, many dresses are sadly manufactured with the belief that they’ll be worn only once. Break the cycle of expensive, single-use wedding fashion by donating your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress after your big day to a charity that will redistribute them to other brides or women looking for wedding wear who might not be able to afford it.

7. Nothing Leftover

One of the biggest areas of waste for weddings is the catering. People don’t eat enough, people eat the wrong items, extra food gets ordered; whatever the reason, there’s usually an excess of catering at the end of the night. Avoid food waste by sending home every guest with leftovers (if they so choose), or arrange for a friend to drop off the leftovers at a local shelter or locale you know could use them right after dinner so they’re still hot and fresh.

Giving back during your wedding and beyond-K'Mich Weddings-Philadelphia PA

Amazing Ways to Pay IT Forward During Your Wedding

Final Thoughts

Giving back through wedding planning is a great way for engaged couples to practice ethical and generous wedding plans that prioritize community and charity. With the help of our experienced day wedding planners, you can develop a sustainable and charitable wedding plan that pays your love and generosity forward for years to come.


  1. These are such wonderful ideas! I love the idea of charitable donations and donating all the dresses! Thanks for linking with me.


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