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The Updated Hot Holiday Look, The Return of Red

Red Matte Lip
The Return of 
The Fabulous Red - Holiday Glam 

                                      Bold and naturally dramatic is the 

                                      look for this Holiday season 


This season is all about balancing your facial features, giving the face a new modern dramatic holiday look.

Highlighting our faces has once again become the most essential part of our holiday look. You should start thinking GLAM GLO, and revisit all of your liquid high lighters, for that soft dramatic look.

Since our lips have been unseen for months, the reveal of the lip is truly a return to the classic red. With the return of our classic red lips, we will be revisiting our lipliners because it is essential to build your perfect lip shape. Of course, our shiny lipglosses are an additional modern touch to the classic red lip.

Your eyes will dazzle zoom family and guests by using dramatic yet modern eyeshadows to reflect your eye color. To achieve this modern dramatic eye be sure you use complimentary eyeshadow colors and only use your deep dark tones to emphasize the shape of your eyes. Lashes will once again build the perfect glam eye.


Makeup mavens this holiday is the return of GLAM


Skin highlighting Glo Healthy

Liquid highlighter is essential to your holiday glam. These products emphasize a healthy Glo and the high points of the face. The high points of the face you are looking to highlight are the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and the bridge of the nose. When you highlight these areas you give the face dimension and conceal your flaws.


Highlighters shine dewy glo

You may mix these highlighters into your foundation to have a soft glam glo or you can blend them directly on top of your foundation for that supernatural highlight. Either way, you will be starting with your perfect glam canvas.

The Classic RED LIPs


Face chart art matte red lip

I am so excited, I just love a classic red lip. This classic lip just says holiday glam like no other color. You should always choose a matte color for the ultimate classic look, however, if a modern less bold look is what you desire then look for a satin or cream lipstick. These formulations will provide a slightly more glossy look. For those of you who just require a hint of red try using a lipgloss or balm formulation.

Blue red cream lipstick

Remember, when choosing your perfect red, blue reds are the true reds, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your perfect red. 
Neutral skin tones are mostly balanced and can usually wear most shades of red. However, if you are a cooler skin tone you will most likely look fabulous in a blue-red. 
While more fair-skinned will likely look best in rosier reds. If you are a warm fair you may require a little more of an orange-red or one with a slight touch of pink. The best way to choose your perfect red is to identify your undertone.

Natural Glo matte red lip natural highlight

You found your perfect red now be sure to choose your perfect matching lip liner. You want to use a lip liner with your perfect red lip color to achieve a clean outline of your lips. When the lip liner matches as close as possible to the shade of red you choose, the lips can look fuller. If reducing the size of the lips is the goal, choose a liner that is in a slightly darker shade to blend your lip color.

Dramatic Eyes
Natural Smokey eyes
Shaping and encasing your eyes with modern tones this holiday is key to your GLAM look.
This season try using deep green eyeliners to contrast against your matte red lip. Adding a few colors such as deep purple, blue, and even a deep burgundy can boost your existing eyeshadow palettes.


Highlighting glo skin Dramatic eye
Warm glittery golds highlight a multitude of eye colors, so try to incorporate these golds as base shadows. If you are a matte eyeshadow lover, try adding a glitter eyeshadow to your palette for a more dramatic touch. You can highlight your matte eyeshadows with just a hint of shine.
Lush feathery lashes

Your choice of applying lashes or using mascara will enhance your holiday Glam eyes. Your falsies should enhance your eye look, so be sure if you choose a more dramatic pair that they are feathered and do not appear too dense. If the lashes are too dense they will shield your eyeshadow application. You want your lashes to dramatically feather-like your natural eyelashes. A great rule to follow this holiday Beauty season is that your falsies should appear longer not denser to achieve your perfect glam eyelashes look.

If mascara is your choice to finish your glam look then be sure to start your lash application with a lash primer. This step ensures the lashes will look longer and fuller once you apply your mascara.

Lash primer grow lashes
As you apply your mascara try coating the back of the lashes then add a few layers of mascara to the front of the lashes. This step helps your lashes look fuller and dramatic.

Lush lashes dense black mascara
PRO TIP: I am a true believer in colored mascara. Blue is usually the most popular color. I think that it adds just a new modern twist to the classic eyeshadow application. If you want a subtle look to your colored mascara be sure to layer a strong blue like Benefit’s Badgal Bang Volumizing Blue or Diorshow Blue mascara over black or deep brown mascara. When using such a strong blue over black, you will actually get a navy color once the blue dries. The more you apply the blue over black it will dry more true blue.
Full lashes blue mascara
Royal blue volumizing mascara

If you want to incorporate a navy tone, give Dior’s Iconic Navy mascara a try. Either way, your guests will be dazzled by your Holiday Glam.

Navy mascara lush lashes

Happy Holidays and remember ...

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.

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Updated 9/20/21

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