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Concept Studio Beauty Fashion-Philadelphia PA

Guest Blogger: Michelle @Concept Studio Beauty Fashion shares her tips on how to work with different eyelashes.

LASHES &  LINER MADE EASY             

Are your eyes looking a little dull? Are you looking for your eyes to sparkle once again, then why not give lashes a try. @conceptbeautystyle628

Lashes are the easiest way to make a beautiful impact. The choices are endless, no matter your occasion. You can choose a few individual lashes placed within your natural lash line for a more enhanced natural appearance. Or you can choose fun and flirty strip lashes for a fabulous evening out with your best friends. No matter the occasion there is a lash to define any eye look.

Eyeliners are your falsies' best friends. They boost your finished eye look to a more polished professional makeup result. There are several types of eyeliners to choose from, which can change your look from natural to superstar instantly. For example, you may have a kohl eyeliner pencil in your makeup bag which gives a slightly smoky eye look. Or you may opt for the everlasting graphic line of liquid eyeliner.

Your beauty possibilities are only limited to your beauty imagination


Do's & DON'Ts


Lashes are actually very easy to apply if you implement these easy DO’s and DON'T’s

DO use a lash applicator if your hand is unsteady. Lash applicators tend to have a more rounded tip to the end of the applicator which makes for a safe lash application.


DO NOT use needle nose tweezers, to apply your lashes. As a makeup artist, I have heard countless stories of multiple eye injuries due to this mistake. A slight of hand and you can accidentally poke yourself in the eyes during a self lash application. These tweezers are a way to sharp for lash application since they are intended to remove ingrown hairs in the brow and on your face.


DO lift your head slightly looking down in the mirror to apply your lashes. This small step elongates your eye so that you can see where you are placing your lashes.

DO NOT squint and look directly in the mirror, this will place the lashes on top of the lash line. The result will be lashes feeling extra tight and unnatural.

One of the best LASH GLUE

I can not stress the importance of using the proper eyelash glue. This important step greatly diminishes the possibility of your eyes becoming infected. Also, the proper eyelash glue is formulated with the care of your natural eyelashes.

I highly recommend Duo Eyelash glue or Ardell, especially for beginners. These glues adhere to the base of the lash line without clogging the eye ducts.

How to LASH APPLICATION                              

The application of strip and individual eyelashes are slightly different. Individual lashes do require you to use the individual eyelash glue. This glue will hold them in place within your lash line. Since these lashes have a small knot at the tip of the lash, dipping in the glue one at a time can really have you in control of your lash look. The more you add the more dramatic your look. Be sure to hold your head slightly back to look down in your mirror. This will enable you to see the places within the lash line that requires filling. When you finish, the result will be a full wispy looking lash that will be naturally beautiful.

On the other hand, attaching your strip lashes can require an extra step or two. Be sure that before applying your lashes you place a small amount of glue on back of your hand. Remove the lashes from the outer corners. After you remove the lashes bend them slightly to fit the curve the eye. While fitting them check to see if they need to be trimmed. Be sure to always split your lashes where they look most natural. Refit to be sure they are your desired length. Once the lashes are sized use a liquid eyeliner to coat the strip of the eyelashes. This will ensure that when you are done your lash application there aren’t any gaps in the lashes. Pull the lashes through the glue you have on the back of your hand. This will ensure that you do not place to much glue on the eye surface. Wait 30 second then apply.

Remember that clear eyelash adhesive will start with a white appearance then dry clear. The dark eyelash adhesive will always dry dark, which can look more polished. However, if you are not careful with your lash application, you can leave a smudged dark residue on your eyelids.



So now you are ready to boost your everyday eye look, but you don’t want to do a ton of eyeshadow then try applying a few individual lashes within your natural lashes. If you desire a more natural appearance try just filling any spaces in your natural lashes. When you are using these to fill gaps in your natural lashes choose the look of the individual lashes that mimic the look of your natural lashes. The application of these lashes is very easy, because of the small ball at the tip of each individual lash. Pairing this look with a soft pencil eyeliner will give a diffused natural appearance.

Concept Studio Beauty Fashion- Philadelphia PA

Also you can vary your eye look by adding more of the individual lashes at the end of your natural lash line, placing them close together, and you will have a more slightly dramatic look. Be sure to pair those clustered individual lashes with a liquid or cake eyeliner, to finish your dramatic evening appearance.


Concept Beauty Studio Fashion

The natural-looking strip fluff lashes will mimic natural lashes, and for those of us who don’t want to step out of the box, these are perfect. They will not look dramatic but will enhance a sparse lash line. If you want to maintain a natural eye look, I recommend you pair these lashes with a waterproof or kohl eyeliner pencil. A natural eye can be elevated by using a thin liquid liner, just along the base of the lash line before and after the lash application.

Dramatic eye looks require a more fluffed and longer eyelash, along with a more precise or smokey eyeliner. These eyelashes will stand out against a more dramatic eye shadow and or eyeliner.They vary in texture and how they are fluffed. If this look is for you, then you may already have a pair that are your go-to, but if not, consider these eyelash and eyeliner looks.

Concept Studio Beauty Fashion- Philadelphia PA


Cross cross eyelashes are a favorite dramatic lash because they extend the look of the eyes. When paired with a liquid or cake eyeliner they become sultry and define the eye shape.

Medium and fluffy lashes are a favorite for most brides and makeup enthusiasts. These eyelashes are the most commonly used because they give a dramatic appearance when you look down but appear like your lashes with several coats of mascara to people that are admiring your eyes. Usually, these fluffy lashes are paired with a more precise application of a winged line using liquid eyeliner. This look is always a quick glam go-to for any fashionista.

Long and fluffy, not to be confused with natural or medium fluff lashes, tend to work best with dramatic exaggerated eye shadow looks. This is because they are dense and tend to be heavier closer to the lash line. They carry stronger eyeliner looks and can be seen at distances. They are a performers favorite, for their dramatic impact.

Which EYELINER is right for you?

The eyeliner you choose will define your eyelashes. Pencils tend to be softer in appearance, however, kohl pencils will give a smokey eye appearance. Liquid eyeliners are the most used and vary in depth and intensity. Liquid liners vary from felt tip applicators that move across the lash line smoothly, to brush applicators that paint on your eyeliner. You might find you enjoy using both at once to give a really dramatic look. Cake liners are difficult to find these days, but if you do run across one in your beauty journey, buy it. They are great to create that retro 50s eyeliner look. They typically are not waterproof, but rather matte in appearance. So for that retro movie star look layer a cake eyeliner on the top of your eyelashes as a final step. Otherwise, I would recommend that no matter the eyeliner you choose be sure to use waterproof.

concept studio beauty fashion-eyelashes-eyeliner-Maplewood Mall PA

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.💜

Guest Blogger: Michelle @Concept Studio Beauty Fashion








  1. These are really great tips! I have only tried false lashes once and I was not comfortable in them. But I do love the drama they add on other women! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


  2. My lashes need work I am going to follow your advice #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  3. I've decided to look into eyelash tints and extensions this week. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo and hope to see you back on January 8th. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Very helpful tips. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise.



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