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Do The Groom & Groomsmen Have To Match?

  Mismatched Groom and Groomsmen: Cool New Trend or Wedding No-No?

Though many eyes will be fixed on the bride at weddings, the truth is the groom’s appearance is just as important. Grooms often work for months to make sure they have the perfect wedding attire, planning out everything from cufflinks down to their socks! 

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Traditionally, groomsmen have worked to match the groom and complement the bridesmaid they’re paired with, but in recent years more couples have begun exploring mismatched and unique wedding looks. Should your groomsmen always have to match the groom?

The answer is absolutely not. Our experienced wedding planners know that mismatched groomsmen are trendy, fashion-forward, and personal, meaning they’re a great solution for couples looking to put their own unique touch on their day and celebrate the individuality of all their loved ones as well.

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6 Ways to Mismatch Your Groomsmen in Style

1. Mimic, Don’t Mirror the Groom

One great way to incorporate mismatched yet cohesive style elements for your groomsmen is to make sure their look still has some similar elements to the groom. You want to mimic him to ensure that you look complementary to each other, but without copying his look exactly. One good way to do this is to all wear the same type of outfit, whether it’s a tux or a suit.

2. Play with Different Colors

wedding ideas - grooms attire - jewel tone jacket - wedding services in Philadelphia PA - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
If your wedding colors are varied, our expert wedding planners suggest trying out different color suits among your groomsmen. You can play with different shades of navy, grey, or neutral tones like beige or white until you find a mismatched groomsman combination that’s both aesthetic and individualized to your tastes.

3. Stay Flattering and Fresh

Not every groomsman will have the same body shape. One good way to pick good-looking yet individualized groomsmen looks is to let each man pick out a suit or jacket shape that will look best on him. This way you’ll still get to create that chic mismatched look without going out of your way to pick out entirely independent looks.

4. Accessorize, Accessorize!

wedding ideas - grooms attire - purple bow tie mumu weddings floral fall - wedding services in Philadelphia PA.- inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog - bowtie tie barn
Purple Bow-tie - Mumu Weddings Floral Fall

The first step to a good look is determining what each groom or groomsman wants their look to be. Our talented wedding day planners have put together a great style outline for you. Once you’ve picked out individual styles, you can select accessories, like ties or cufflinks, that will help your groom and his groomsmen stand out.

5. Remember the Boutonnieres

wedding ideas - boutonniere ideas - baseball rose - wedding services in Philadelphia PA. - inspiration by K'Mich - wedding ideas blog
This is another good way to mix and match elements of your groomsmen’s looks. If you want to create flashes of mismatched individuality but still prefer a cohesive suit look, consider creating different styles of boutonnieres with different flowers, non-floral ideas, and colors. This will help your groomsmen stand out from the crowd but blend in with your groom!

6. Make the Groom the Focal Point

If you’re playing around with different styles of dress for the groom, you’re going to want to make sure to keep the groom the focal point no matter what. Consider putting him in a standout color that’s either light or dark and then having your groomsmen pick contrasting shades. Now you still get to enjoy a mismatched effect while preserving your groom as the star of the show.

Do The Groom & Groomsmen Have To Match?

Final thought

Planning your perfect wedding day includes making style decisions that make you and your groomsmen the happiest. Mismatching groomsmen is a fun new trend that allows your groomsmen’s individual personalities to stand out while catering to your overall wedding atmosphere. Our expert day-of planners and wedding event staff can help you design the perfect look for each of your groomsmen that helps them stand out and complement the happy couple in every way.

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