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Lip Care Routine - Step by Step

How to take care of your lips during the cold months

Guest blogger:
 Expert makeup artist Michelle at Concept Studio Beauty Fashion Style weighs in on this

Fall is upon us and your lips are the first to dry and chap with the change of seasons. Maintaining healthy lips starts by avoiding extreme wind and sun exposure.

However, today we face a new paradigm with the constant necessary use of our face mask. This, for most of us, adds to the dryness we already experience from the elements. 

With a daily routine, removing dry skin from the lips helps to maintain the lips' natural moisture, along with a natural lip balm. Your beauty regiment should always include lip care, and a healthy lip is achieved by adding these few steps and products.

Healthy lips are achieved by using these products:

Ultimate DIY Home Remedies Lip care Routine - 2 EASY STEPs 

What is the best lip care routine: 

Sugar Scrubs
Exfoliation is key to maintaining soft and hydrated lips. The refined sugar within the exfoliant when massaged across the lips removes dead skin and reveals a renewed texture. If lips are dry, start with once a week exfoliation, then proceed to do this process twice a week to soften lips. 

Once dry lips are softened to a healthy texture, revert to once a week exfoliation. If the lips are normal continue exfoliating the lips once a week within your normal skincare regiment. 

Beware not to use body exfoliants on the lips, this can cause more harm to already dry lips. The particles in body exfoliants are larger and cause a scraping effect promoting excessive dryness that could make the lips painful. 

A proper lip exfoliant is a refined formulation and has a more smooth texture than grainy. This formulation will heal and polish the lip.

My Steps to beautify unhealthy lips:
Wet lips, preferably with warm water, then apply the scrub. Rub gently removing dead skin. I then like to clean my lips with my gentle face cleanser. Generously apply lip balm.

Lip Balm
Balms retain moisture within the lip, creating a barrier of protection from the elements. When applied directly after exfoliation your lips receive maxim protection. Applying lip balm should become a continuous habit during the more frigid seasons. This habit will help to retain natural moisture and a healthy appearance. 

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Final thoughts
These balms can come in many formulations so trying several before settling on a formula that feels healing. Make sure that the balm you pick is hydrating and protective. I personally use more of a Shea Butter based lip balm, since I prefer a more natural formulation. Best balms and treatments for dry lips

Fashion and function come together when you choose to use a more hydrating lip color or gloss. These hydrating lip products can be used over a balm to give just a hint of color or used alone on a hydrated healthy lip.

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.
Guest Blogger: Michelle @ Concept Studio Beauty Fashion Style


  1. My lips are really dry at the moment, so I will follow your tips#alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  2. My lips suffer terribly when it gets cold out. I have to have healing lip balms within reach at all times! I have never exfoliated my lips. I think I may have to give that a try! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips and linking with me.


  3. I've found wearing masks is protecting my lips from drying up as the weather changes. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo

  4. M lips are really dry at the moment am going to follow your tips,#alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis


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