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Makeup and Mask - All About the Eyes, Ladies

THE TOP Favorite 3 must-haves for your Pandemic Beauty Bag

Guest blogger -  Michelle, makeup artist @conceptbeautystyle628

Mask beauty-safe beauty-conceptbeautystyle628-K’Mich Weddings Events -Philadelphia   

Our beauty routine is changing, and so are our beauty bags. Now that we are required to wear masks, the focus is on our eyes instead of our entire face. Lately, the focus is on filling in those eyebrows and lengthening those lashes and not worrying about applying lipstick, maybe a light gloss to keep the lips hydrated. So, here are a few of my top three must-haves- BROW, CONCEALER, MASCARA to achieve your desired look. 

Brow enhancers-eye brows-conceptbeautystye628-K’Mich Weddings Events-Philadelphia

Your brows are the most expressive way you communicate with others. Therefore taking a few minutes to perfect our most prominent beauty feature will put our best face forward to all the people we encounter. Here are a few brow products that should be in your beauty bag.

Brow pencils, pomades, and tinted brow gels are all products that add dimension and color to our brows.

Brow pencils and pomades are applied to the skin, so be careful to choose a color that balances the brow hair. Brow pencils can be used to create the illusion of a full brow. This is done by adding small stokes within the sparse spaces of your natural brow.

Pomades are a more solid product that is applied directly to the skin. They create a more sculpted brow, that is more stylized and arched. This product's density can be used to hide natural brow hairs.


Tinted and Clear Brow Gels are the perfect companions to brow pencils and pomades, by providing a natural micro bladed appearance by separating and lifting the hairs in the brow. Tinted brow gels are also great to achieve a natural non-permanent coloring to brows that have begun to grey. This is possible because these products are applied directly to the hairs of the brow.

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All of these products are also good for matching a change in hair color and mood. Remember your brows convey a bevy of emotions, so express your personality.

Concealer corrector-makeup-safebeauty-conceptbeautystyle628-K’Mich Weddings Events-Philadelphia

Concealers are a fantastic way to multitask between perfection for the brow and spot coverage while wearing your mask.

Since our beauty is concentrated above our masks, concealer is great to cover small imperfections without using multiple products. Concealers are usually flesh-toned in color, to mimic all-natural skin tones.

Correctors add perfection to the natural look of concealers, by neutralizing redness, shallowness, and hyperpigmentation. Correctors can be placed on top or underneath concealers, depending on the depth of skin tone to be corrected.

Follow spot coverage with your concealer to shaping the brows. To achieve a natural perfect brow, use a slightly lighter concealer color directly under the arch of the brow, followed by your natural concealer under the front of the brow closest to the nose and above the brow. Sculpting the brow with concealer is easy to achieve with a concealer brush. Once the concealer is applied, then blend the product into your skin tone.


Mask and makeup - mascara tips - conceptstudiobeauty628-K’Mich Weddings Events - Philadelphia
The eyes are the windows of our beauty and must be adorned with long lush lashes. Mascara is the easiest way to make your eyes sparkle while maintaining a fresh natural look. Choose a mascara according to how you would like your lashes to appear. The brush in your mascara is just as important as the mascara formulation. Try different types of brushes and formulas until you find the perfect lash look.

To make the eyes seem larger and brighter first lighten any tones on the eyelids closest to the lash line with your concealer. Blend upwards from the lash line on the eyelids so that you avoid creasing. Then apply light layers of mascara until you reach your desired look.

Mask and makeup-makeup tips-conceptstudiobeauty628-K’Mich Weddings Events - Philadelphia

Mask Hacks: If you must wear full makeup, here’s what we found and very helpful. Find these on Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon. 
1. Cheek Sheets - Breathable mask liners: It protects your makeup from messing up your masks. 
2. Reusable Silicone Face Guard - This fits over your face your mask goes on top. Very comfortable. Comes in three sizes - S, M, L
3. Ear Guard - Place this behind your neck, then place strings on each side instead of your ears.  More space to breathe and no smudges. Paper clips can be used to get the same effect. 

More PRO TIP: If you are a little unsure of the procedure for applying your beauty products, I recommend you :

1) Apply your brow products

2) Spot cover and correct and perfect your brow application

3) Choose your favorite mascara 

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.


  1. great tips! such a fun post especially when all you do see are eyes right now! :)

  2. Eyes are more more important than ever now most of the face is covered #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  3. Eyes really are our most important feature these days!

  4. The mask shown in your photo is not suitable for coronavirus control!

    I don't usually wear makeup, but I find that with my eyes being the most visible part of my face, redness-reducing eyedrops are more vital than usual!

  5. I have always focused on my eyes when applying makeup so I am not minding my face so much with a mask on it! I just picked up some new brow products today because I feel like I am noticing my brows much more these days...probably from the masks! Great tips. Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


  6. I work in a hospital, sometimes in the OR, so masks have been a part of my life for 25 years now. I can tell you that I have asked people out based only on their eyes, with no idea of what the rest of their face looked like #alilbitofeverything

  7. I live part time in Dubai and the eyes really are key for the muslim women who wear face veils. Sometimes in the beauty parlours, when they're having their hair done and removed the masks, you can see they've not paid as much detail to their lips. Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back soon

  8. Thanks for this! We definitely are more aware of eyes in this season of masks.

  9. Yes, lipsticks are so 2019 (sadly) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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