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These 7 THINGs Will Make You Worry But You Shouldn't

These 7 THINGs Will Make You Worry But You Shouldn't-wedding day-wedding planning-wedding timeline-Weddings by K'Mich Philadelphia PA

the Worries You Might Have

For couples, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It serves as the symbolic culmination of your relationship, unifying you both in a lasting bond.

Of course, given the significance of this event, there are many things to fret over: will my dress fit? Will the guests enjoy the food? Will enough people go on the dance floor? Will it rain? Plus, with our current health crisis, we now have the added fear: Will anyone be exposed to the coronavirus?

Some of these are quite valid concerns. Yet, with our years of wedding experience, both as attendees and coordinators, we have learned that many brides and grooms spend far too much time worrying about unlikely scenarios. At the end of the day, your wedding will be beautiful, and we are here to help reassure you. 

In this post, you will learn:

So, here are a few fears you might have about your wedding day — which we will happily refute.
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1. The Guest List

Other than the bride and groom themselves, perhaps the most important part of every wedding is the guests in attendance. And, as all wedding coordinators know, this is something that couples continuously fret over. They worry about choosing the right number of guests, while still allocating for plus-ones and potential last-minute cancellations. They worry about the bridal party and groomsmen, ensuring that they choose the right people, without leaving anyone out. All of these are difficult decisions.

However, at the end of the day, anyone invited to a wedding will be pleased at the opportunity. As brides and grooms, you are planning an amazing party that your guests freely attend, so really, they can’t complain! Especially when there’s an open bar.

2. The Weather

According to an old legend, rain on the wedding day is a positive omen, signifying fertility and prosperity for the couple. Still, despite this myth, most brides and grooms check the weather report for their big day with the anxiety of a gardener, believing that anything but clear skies and sunshine will bother their guests and ruin the moment. This is, of course, far from the truth.

All myths aside, rain — or even snow — is nothing to fear. Have you ever seen photos of a stormy wedding? The twinkling lights of a dance floor offset the gloomy sky, and the bride’s white gown shines like a beacon of light against the clouds. Weather is nothing to fear; in reality, it is just another way to make this moment memorable. 

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3. The Music Selection

When trying to create the ideal ambiance for a wedding reception, lots of people will ask their coordinators: what music should I choose? Of course, there are many factors to consider, including the age of your guests (do you want family-friendly music?), your budget (can you afford a live band?), and your venue (do they have noise restrictions?). Yet, above all, the most important question should be: what music do you like? So many couples worry about pleasing their guests that they forget to please themselves. But to be honest, as long as the bride and groom are enjoying themselves, the guests will, too. 

4. The “Perfect” Dress 

Why you shouldn't Worry: 
Let’s be honest — since we were kids, most of us women have imagined how we’d look in our wedding dress. We all want to feel like a princess, standing up there on our special day, wearing a gown chosen specifically for this momentous occasion. Thus, it is no wonder that so many brides spend the majority of their budget on their dress, and even attempt losing weight for months prior. 
Why you shouldn't Worry:
Let us be the first to say: your husband will love you no matter what your dress looks like! You are already engaged, after all. He will not back out because your dress isn’t a designer. 

5. The Menu Buffet or table service

Classic wedding cake or elaborate desserts? The options for wedding cuisine are endless, and we personally have seen many variations throughout the years. We know that many brides and grooms worry extensively about finding a menu that will please all their guests, keeping in mind dietary restrictions and picky eaters, too. 
Why you shouldn't Worry:
Yet: quite frankly, your wedding guests do not expect the food to be absolutely perfect. When you are feeding hundreds of people, there are bound to be a few people who don’t love every single dish, and that’s okay! This is why we always suggest giving your guests appetizers, and a few options for dinner so that they are certain to find something they enjoy. 

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6. The Seating Arrangements

In every family, there’s always conflict. Cousin Beth can’t sit with Uncle Adam; your sister-in-law can’t sit with your Grandfather Patrick. We recall so many restrictions, such as these, from back when we helped my sister plan her wedding. She fretted for months over the seating arrangements, concerned that there would be fighting between guests if she did not choose the tables carefully. 
Why you shouldn't Worry:
However, in the end, even though my sister accidentally seated two of our disagreeable uncles at the same table, they kept their cool for the whole wedding, even making small talk and laughing with each other. It turns out, when something as significant and graceful as a wedding is at stake, even the most combative relatives can get along.

7. The Ideal Photoshoot

Most people believe that a perfect wedding needs perfect photos. They hire a photographer and set aside hours for the bridal party, groomsmen, and couple to pose together. This is certainly an effective way to get great wedding photos, however; it is not the only way! 
Why you shouldn't Worry: 
We have personally witnessed many weddings in which the couple does not hire a professional photographer at all, and rather, asks family and friends to take candid photos throughout the evening. These pictures turn out just as beautifully as the professional ones (and if not more so).

These 7 THINGs Will Make You Worry But You Shouldn't
Final thoughts  
Although there are many other things you can worry about for your wedding — even more than what we listed here — most of these concerns are not worth stressing over. 
Your guests will not remember how many crystals were on your dress, how many Top 40 songs played during the reception, or how many courses were on your wedding menu

Sure, these details do matter, but they are only a small piece in the larger picture of a fun, fulfilling wedding.  What your guests will remember, above all, is the love that they are witnessing, and the joy they felt in being able to celebrate it together. 

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