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Coronavirus: arguably the most used word of 2020; a common enemy that has affected every aspect of our lives. Although the pandemic will eventually pass, its aftermath will set a new norm for social gatherings worldwide. Wedding coordination will take on a new face, and modern wedding ideas will invariably follow one protocol – social distancing.

However, does this mean you cannot have your dream wedding? No! In fact, social distancing measures can quite easily be incorporated into your wedding ideas, without sacrificing the beauty of your perfect day. Already, we have revamped the services we offer to reflect these changing times, and we are prepared for full operation when everything reopens. 

In this post, you will get ideas on:

So, let’s take a look at what you might see at weddings held after Covid-19.


1. Micro-weddings

Post coronavirus, you can likely expect to see smaller ceremonies, also known as “ microweddings .” Essentially, a micro-wedding is a downsized wedding – hence the ‘micro.’ There are usually no more than 50 guests, all of whom are family and close friends.

These kinds of cozy weddings are more manageable and budget-friendly for the wedding planner and the couple. You have fewer costs to account for, less potential for complications, and fewer people to please.

This is also a great way for the couple to mingle easily with their guests and save the cost of renting a ballroom – you can host a micro-wedding in a pleasant café or even right in your living room. 

2. The New Seating Arrangement

Distancing rules will especially apply in seating arrangements post-COVID 19. Tables will be spaced out with fewer guests in each table, following the 6-foot-distance protocol. For instance, instead of 10 to 12 guests sitting at each table, you may have 4 to 6 guests or less. These seating arrangements allow wedding guests to feel a sense of comfort and safety in their environment, while also creating a sense of intimacy between the smaller tables.

3. Modest Bridal Party

Yes, bridal parties will need to become smaller too, and may even (depending on the bride) be nixed altogether. The good thing about this is, you won't have to choose one close friend over the other, and they will save money at the same time.

With the bridal buddy idea, there will be no fun lost. You can still have the joy and camaraderie of any other bridal party, all while creating new memories and saving money in the process. 

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4. Wedding Ceremonies

In one of our recent articles, we talked about zoom weddings and how they have revolutionized the wedding industry. Virtual weddings – or a hybrid – may still be popular later on, as guests in distant places may decide to attend weddings virtually, saving the cost and stress of a plane ride.

Commitment (Mini-ceremonies) like courthouse weddings will be another viable alternative.

5. Food Services

Social distancing will also be applied in catering at weddings, in order to keep everyone safe. This is especially true for buffet services – this is usually done in waves with long lines and with close contact with guests, instead of all at once.  

An alternative to buffet services is, of course, plated service. This would entail hiring more catering staff so that every guest can be reached in time. Servers would also have to wear face masks and sanitize frequently.

6. Dancing

The issue of whether or not there should be dancing at your wedding depends on the rules or laws in your state, city, and even specific venue . This doesn’t mean you can’t keep your distance and dance. You could try introducing dances that don’t require touch, like line dancing – you can use contemporary music to give this a current feel. Besides, it’ll be fun seeing your guests stumble around.

7. Checking Temperatures

Las Vegas’ wedding chapels are ahead of the game in this one: they have already established requirements that the temperatures of both guests and wedding staff must be checked before every ceremony. This ensures that those entering the venue are healthy, and will not spread the disease to one another. Checking temperatures is a great idea for your event, so long as the method used is non-contact and non-invasive; for instance, using a pyrometer


The pyrometer is ideal for taking accurate measurements of temperature without contact. Thanks to an optical mechanism, the pyrometer is safe for measuring high temperatures. Its infrared apabilities make the pyrometer the perfect tool to use when a conventional sensor is inadequate. A pyrometer is useful for measuring moving, extremely hot or hard-to-reach objects. Many pyrometer models can be calibrated to meet ISO standards.


Adult Face & Gaiter Mask Mixed 4-Piece Set ( Nordstrom )

8. Wearing Masks

Another trend we may see in post-COVID weddings are wedding masks , either for only the couple or as part of the dress code for guests. These masks would be more stylish than the typical streetwear, perhaps adorned with jewels or patterned fabric. You can decide to budget for customized masks to be shared with your guests, which could then serve as party favors, too. 

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Final thoughts 
In conclusion, despite all the changes going on in our world right now, you do not need to worry about sacrificing your wedding day. You can still have your glamorous, once-in-a-lifetime wedding: you just have to plan properly and ensure that you follow social distancing guidelines.

Things will change, but your special day won’t, and we’re here to make sure. So, if you have any questions for our professional wedding coordinators , please do contact us. Stay safe.

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