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Top 5 Best Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out More Than Before

What’s trending in the coming year for couples thinking about getting married? Wedding ideas for 2020 and 2021 center around individualism and not following the norm. More brides and grooms are opting for small, cozy gatherings, fantasy-themed weddings, and eco-friendly catering and venue choice. 

In this post, you will get ideas on:

This year's trends are breaking the mold by being bold and different and inspiring creativity like never before. Here is a look at some creative wedding ideas for non-traditional modern weddings.

The 5 Top Trends to Look forward to

Wedding Dresses for Brides

Wedding dresses are bolder, more elegant, and have a modern look, including the bridal suit, a pantsuit for the bride who doesn't want to be stuffed into a dress on her wedding day. These modern looks are popping up in celebrity and Royal weddings alike. The elegant off-the-shoulder dress worn by Meghan Markle on her wedding day has inspired similar creations from designers.

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Wedding dresses are bolder, more elegant and have - wedding ideas - Wedding Soiree Blog by K'Mich

Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Gone are the days of the tacky bridesmaid dresses. These are much more creative and stylish, short or long to complement the bride’s gown in a stunning array of colors. Pastel hues and deep, rich colors are what to look for in the coming year. You can also opt not to have bridesmaids altogether (they won’t hate you for this) and try the bridal buddy. A few brides have tried it and loved it; they see it as cost-effective for both in the long run. 

Pastel hues and deep, rich colors - bridesmaids dresses - wedding ideas - Wedding Soiree Blog by K'Mich
Photo Source: Pinterest

Sustainability and Minimalism

In years past, people would travel hours or days to attend a family member's wedding. The cost of airfare and gas has risen in the last few years making many people aware of how much money they spend and the size of their carbon footprint when it comes to wedding day celebrations. From food waste to styrofoam containers and plastic utensils, many couples are making the decision to have a more sustainable wedding by choosing wedding invitations printed on recycled paper, holding their nuptials in an outdoor venue, to creating their own bouquets from flowers grown in their garden. Cutting down on costs and thinking creatively in a very popular trend this year.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Wedding Invitation wrapped in natural leaf paper - wedding ideas - Wedding Blog Soiree by K'Mich
Photo Source: Pinterest

Themed Weddings

Themed weddings are always popular due to the creativity inspired by prolific eras. The bohemian style of a simple dress, a bouquet of wildflowers and a ceremony held on the beach are often imitated by young couples looking to keep things simple. Party themes of the 70s and 80s appeal to those who want to incorporate a little fun and rock out to disco music on their special day.
Themed weddings are always popular due to the creativity inspired - wedding ideas - Wedding Blog by K'Mich - wedding planners in Philadelphia PAGet groocy with a 1970s disco-themed wedding - Throwback wedding theme that invoke fun and nostalgia - Wedding Soiree Blog by K’Mich, Philadelphia’s premier resource for wedding planning and inspiration
                                                               Photo Source: Pinterest

Outdoor Venues

Many more couples are opting for a more personalized experience by choosing an outdoor setting for their ceremony and reception. Our door furniture and table setting are comfortable yet classic against the natural backdrop. Incorporating the beauty of nature into your wedding themes is always a popular trend. A field of daisies or wildflowers blowing in the breeze lends a sweet, romantic ambiance.

Many more couples are opting for a more personalized experience by choosing an outdoor - wedding ideas - Wedding Soiree Blog by K'Mich - wedding planners in Philadelphia PA

Do You Want The Best Tips To Creating An Exceptional Wedding?
Final thought
Whether you ascend from a winding staircase or walking through a meadow to meet your groom - to- be, your wedding should reflect your personal style. From the furniture to the sparkling china table setting, to the decorations, it should be focused on the couple. 
Creative wedding ideas for the coming year are all designed to inspire young couples to create their own wedding traditions based on their lifestyle, ideas, and preferences. It is all about you, as it should be. 

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