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Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossed

Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossed-favors-wedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner

The 11 Unique Favor Ideas Your Guests Won't TOSS

Let Your Guests Take Home a Piece of
 the Day With Quality Wedding Favors.

Favors can be hit or miss depending on your guests and the occasion... It's traditional to have wedding favors for your guests at the end of a wedding to show your gratitude for them attending your big day. But how do you pick the right favors your guests won't toss right after they get home? This might sound like a 'big deal" to some, but you want your guests to take home a piece of the big day with quality favors that won't get tossed. To stand out, consider using unique and one-of-a-kind favors that your guests will love.

Here are some of our top picks: 

Elegant, Personalized, and Quality Wedding Favors

1. All Portraits 
  • Portrait Photographer - Hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful portraits of your guests during the wedding. These personalized photographs will serve as cherished keepsakes and will not get tossed. Many photographers consider this as add-ons and don't have additional staff members for this. So, make sure you talk with the photographer before signing.
  • Live Painter - Bring in a talented artist who will paint a live scene from your wedding. This unique experience will create a one-of-a-kind piece of art your guests can take home and display, ensuring it won't end up in the trash. 
  • Turn Me Royal - "Transform Into a Renaissance Masterpiece" is a fascinating and innovative service that allows individuals to experience the allure and grandeur of the Renaissance era. The attention to detail in these digital recreations is astonishing; the way they capture the essence and spirit of that period. To get started, create a link for your guests to send any of their photos for transformation. The link can be sent before (early wedding favor) your big day or during.
    Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossedwedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner
    Before the big day: Add the link to your invitations with details for an early wedding favor for your guests. During cocktail hour: Have your day-of coordinator send an email blast to your guests with the link and instructions. Once they submit their information and photos, they will get the digital via email. This unique wedding favor idea will captivate your guests with a memorable and personalized keepsake from your special day. Turn Me Royal.
2. Reusable Wedding Favors: Mix and Match Monograms Items
Wine Bottles with Labels and Creative Sleeves - Choose your favorite wine (free spirits or other) and have custom labels with your monogram or initials. You can include your wedding date or a special message (this could be a heartfelt thank you) with each guest's name on the labels. 
    • Creative Wine Sleeves - Instead of the usual wine bags or boxes, opt for creative wine sleeves for a touch of elegance and uniqueness. These can be customized with your wedding theme, colors, and guest names. Consider using materials like lace, burlap HERE, or custom-designed fabric to make the sleeves stand out. Get creative with the design of the wine sleeves. Incorporate elements like floral patterns, vintage motifs, or even a hand-drawn of the wedding venue. The more personalized and visually appealing the design, the more likely guests will want to keep and reuse the sleeves. 

Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossedwedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner
    • Practical Add-Ons: To make the wine sleeves more functional, consider these additional features like a wine opener or a wine stopper with a monogrammed tag. This will enhance the overall presentation of the wedding favors and provide your guests with something they can use and keep.
    • Small Terracotta Potted Plants - Gift your guests small terracotta potted plants or succulents they can take home and nurture. These plants represent growth and love, which your guests can enjoy for years. Our October 2022 couple did this. Their favors were small terracotta potted plants pinned to a floral backdrop with each guest's name with the couple's wedding date and initials. Their guests all loved them. 
Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossedwedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner 
    • Thank You Plantable Seed Cards - Eco-friendly and thoughtful. The perfect way to show your appreciation to your guests and give them a lasting reminder of your special day. These eco-friendly plantable wedding favors HERE are embedded with wildflower seeds. Not only are these plantable cards thoughtful and unique, but they also help to reduce your event's environmental impact. Your guests will love these Plantable Seed Cards and cherish them for years!
Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossedwedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner
    • Personalized Incense Holder - These custom-designed incense holders HERE come in a number of colors and styles and can be personalized with both your names and wedding date to create a memorable keepsake. They're the perfect way to add a romantic and exotic touch to your wedding celebration and treasured for years.
  • Mugs - Choose high-quality sizes for holding hot beverages like coffee or tea. Consider different designs, colors, or materials to add variety. This could be floral, geometric, or even rustic-inspired designs. Decide on the monogram design you want to incorporate on the mugs. It could be the initials of your names, the wedding date, or a combination of both. Get creative with the customization. Consider different designs, colors, or patterns reflecting your wedding theme or tastes. This will add a personal touch and make each feel special. Once monogrammed and customized, package them in attractive gift boxes or individual gift bags, adding ribbons, tags, and personalized messages. Consider including additional items that complement the mugs, such as individual packets of hot cocoa mix, gourmet coffee beans, or personalized stirring spoons. These additions will make your wedding favors more enjoyable and practical for your guests.
  • Tile Bowls - These unique tile bowls HERE make the perfect wedding favor for your guests! Handmade from natural terracotta clay, these beautiful bowls are designed to last for years. Each bowl is carefully crafted and painted in several colors to match any wedding theme. Use them as a catch-all for small items, as a centerpiece for the table, or simply as a lovely reminder of your special day.

How to Display Your Wedding Favors


  • Blankets: To Have and To Hold, In Case You Get Cold - Select high-quality fabrics suitable for the season. Consider cozy fleece blankets for winter weddings or lighter cotton or linen blankets for summer weddings. Get creative with the personalization of the blankets. Think of decorative elements like floral patterns, borders, or symbols that have special meaning to you as a couple. This will make the blankets more unique and meaningful. Provide several color and design options for your guests to choose from. This way, guests can select the blanket that best suits their taste or home decor. Consider offering a range of colors, patterns, and different monogram styles. Present the blankets beautifully by tying them with ribbons or placing them in custom gift boxes or bags. You can further personalize the packaging by adding tags with your names, date, or a special message of gratitude.
3. Customized Miniature Perfumes/Cologne - Offer your guests miniature perfumes or cologne bottles with customized labels. This practical and personalized gift will not only be appreciated but also serve as a reminder of your special day.

The 11 Unique Favors Your Guests Won't Toss

In conclusion, when selecting wedding favors, it is good to choose items that guests will appreciate and cherish. By considering your guests' tastes, adding personal touches, and opting for practical and meaningful gifts, couples can ensure that their wedding favors won't be tossed but will be cherished and remembered by their guests for years.

Quality Wedding Favors - We Think These Won't Get Tossedwedding planning-wedding favor ideas-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia Premier Day-of Coodinator and Planner

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