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The Best Ways TO Utilize Wedding Budgets

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Making and sticking to - a budget is an essential tool for ensuring that your money gets used the way you need it to; this is no different for your wedding. Your budget helps you to envision what you need for your wedding and keeps you focused and on budget. From things like wedding reception ideas, things you may forget for your wedding to hiring a wedding day coordinator. Let's see how to stay on point and on budget.

Stay On Point and Budget (With These Three Tips)


Once you and your partner have a set guest list, narrow down priorities and high-ticket items. For interior design types, luxury table linens may be must-haves, while foodies may obsess about their dessert table presentation. See what won't take away from your wedding day. 

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Do lots upfront to avoid any latent sticker shock. Feel confident about your decisions by comparing prices online and searching for in-person discounts in department store clearance sections and consignment shops.

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Expensive = impressive. If you can’t find the exact decor item you desire, consider making it yourself. You could save moola and create meaningful memories with a bridesmaid or finance who helps. 

For example, one of our past bride’s wedding was a sweetheart theme, with purple, and silver decor. In keeping with that, we decided to walk away from the traditional money bag and do a geometry shape bag. So, because she could not find what she was looking for, she DIY and it came out great. She made a three-tier money box and added her wedding colors and a little bling to it.

Share your DIY with us below in the comment section.

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