"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?"

Got Stuck? Try These 4 WOW Factors That Don't Cost a Fortune

Why These 4 WOW Factors should be IN your Wedding Budget Planning

What’s the one thing you want your guests to remember about your wedding? If you have a limited budget and stressed out over not being able to get that perfect look, here’s how you can do that on your budget.

Wedding Reception in 4 Easy Steps

Colored table candles save you money on flowers and add “the romantic feel of a candlelight reception,” says the pros. “Try a variety of heights to add drama.”

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When stomachs start grumbling after two hours of tearing up the dance floor, a surprise snack delivered via an ice-cream sandwich station or a local food truck acts as “fuel to stop the party going.”

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It’s easy to overlook what’s under you, but chic seats make a major impact, they are one of the first things eyes focus on in a room.

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These little gems are great statement pieces for livening up your tables. Chargers can be a great way to breathe life in your linens, utensils, centerpieces, etc; basically, the overall table and the mood of your wedding. Your guests won’t even know that your linens are simple, only you will know (😉)
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Photo: Chargers
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