"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?"

In The Months Leading Up To Your Wedding Day

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The stress dream - How the months leading up to your wedding can make you get sick.

In the months leading up to your wedding day, you may be having some anxieties as the day draws closer, stress dreams (where you are at the altar and you can’t see… you wake up dripping in sweat…), happy/sad moments. Be assured you are not alone with these emotions… Everything is going to be okay. 

With this compilation of tips, you will definitely be able to relax (100) and breeze through the things you need to get done. Let’s get to work.

The Unconventional Guide to Getting Organized - 
How to Plan Your Wedding Planning Stress Free

After the Engagement 
Insuring Your Rings (when to do it)
To paraphrase Beyonce, "If you like it, then you should put a policy on it - oh, oh, oh!" Now that he's put a ring on it — and now, it's time to put insurance on it. 


12 Month Wedding Checklist
(When to do them)
This checklist will keep you on track and have you focused on the next things to do. If you are further in your planning, just pick up where you think you are. Bonus: There is a checklist for the groom in this link.

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Wedding Tipping Checklist (who to tip)
Before your wedding comes around, make sure you review your contract a second time to see if gratuity is included. You might see a line from your caterer, and bartender, but most other vendors do not add tips in their fee. So, get familiar with who does and does not include tips in their fee and plan accordingly...

Wedding day Photography tips

Questions to Ask The Photographer/Videographer
Many brides and grooms say that their wedding was over before they knew it, and they feel like they missed a lot of what went on. Let’s not make that be you.

Wedding day dress tips

The Ultimate Dress Guide (go shopping after you peg your wedding venue)
Not to make you nervous, but you are about to purchase the most expensive, stared-at, must-be-perfect piece of clothing you will ever wear. Your dress is the wedding's true centerpiece… There are so many styles to choose from - strapless mermaids, spaghetti-straps sheaths, long-sleeved illusion dresses, bateau necklines, billowy ball gowns, etc...

The mother of the bride and groom is one of the most special “guests” of the wedding day. They will be in many of your pictures... They will also be the official wedding greeters and will be speaking with almost every guest who attends your special day so let's make sure they both look stunning on the big day...

Invitation Tips
Wedding Invitations (questions to ask stationers)
“Remember, your invitation starts telling your story. It is the window to what’s in store for your celebration. Your wedding invitation, should entice, pique your guests’ curiosity and make them wonder…,”

Pre-wedding day bridal makeup tips

Zero-Drama Guide to Bridal Beauty (when to start)
How to look like the next-level version of yourself (and have bridesmaids match.) Your wedding is one of that rare-possibly even once in a lifetime, where you have all eyes on you... So, let's make it count...

The Ultimate 1-Week Checklist to Get You Ready!
When the big day is mere hours away, it's crunch time for your wedding beauty checklist. Yes, in addition to all your last-minute to-dos, there's also some final beauty prep left to do in the week leading up to the wedding...

Do you plan on ditching your glasses? (you don’t have to)
If glasses are a big part of your look, don’t ditch them when it’s time for your special day. When walking down the aisle, the most important thing for a bride to keep in mind is to look like YOU...

Wedding day timeline tips 
What Timeline Mistakes You Should Avoid
We know that wedding timelines can be hard to keep up with, however, it’s there to help you through every step of your planning. You may think you have everything all covered, but, is it really??? So, having an idea of how you want your day to unfold is key...

Venue Tips 
Reserving Your Venue 
(what to look for)
Finding the right venue for your wedding can be somewhat tiring! So, we suggest viewing a few (view them morning and evening) so you can see them during the different times of the day. Make sure you do this right after you set your wedding date. Your date will determine if a particular venue is available for your date. So, before you choose a venue, these are the things you need to keep in mind...

Food Tips 
Wedding + Catering Services (questions to ask)
Your wedding feast will by far be your largest expense. It’s also one of the things your celebration will most be remembered by. Start making decisions in this arena early. Your caterer and reception site go hand in hand. Hotels, country clubs, and other large special-event facilities will likely have in-house caterers or preferred-caterer lists...

Wedding + Food Tips
So, we know that the bulk of your wedding budget typically goes to your catering bill - alcohol, food (type), utensils, glassware, staff, and other amenities. See what to do...

Wedding Registry
Why register for gifts? Because (1) it can be a lot of fun, (2) it makes your guests' lives easier, and (3) you'll actually get gifts you really want...

Emergency Wedding Kit Checklist (do you have one?)
Many a bride (and groom) has been grateful that she - or her maid of honor (or planner) - had the foresight to bring last minute-glitch kit to the ceremony and reception. Just pack this stuff into a rolling bag that can be easily slipped under a pew or head table... #weddingdetails 

Groom’s Planning - updated checklist 

More and more men are starting to take on big responsibilities (listen to what they have to say) when it comes to planning their weddings, so our wedding planners have put together a checklist of eleven important things every groom should remember in order to contribute to the perfect wedding!

Checklist for the Best Man
You were chosen for the job because you are a great friend, reliable, trustworthy, and got his back. Now it's time to make sure you really got his back by knowing what you should do to ensure that the couples day runs super smoothly. Not exactly sure what being the best man entails?...

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Updated: July 27, 2021

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