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Wedding Food + Drink Tips

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What Actually to Keep in Mind When Creating 

Your Wedding Menu 

So, we know that the bulk of your wedding budget typically goes to your catering bill - alcohol, food (type), utensils, glassware, staff, and other amenities. Let’s break this down into bite-size pieces to help you create a catering bill you will like.

In this article, you will learn ways to save:

Wedding Menu Planning:

What Actually to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Wedding Menu

1. What it Costs - 

Prices are usually quoted per head. Dinner can range in cost from $40 to $300 a guest. Make sure you know exactly what is included in any estimate: taxes, gratuities, rentals, and so on. If gratuities will be included in your final bill, ask whether they are calculated before or after taxes.
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2. Ways to Save - 

Serve tea or cocktails instead of dinner. Cut down on dinner courses. Keep your menu simple. Avoid expensive ingredients (wild mushrooms, salmon, steaks and so on). Opt for pasta and chicken as entrees. Savor specialties of the season and region. Buy your own alcohol. Limit your bar.

3. True Ethnic Eats- 

Wedding food doesn’t have to be boring. Find a caterer that serves (or is inspired) by festive cuisines such as Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, soul, Cajun, or Greek. It may be more economical, and it will certainly be more interesting. Just beware if there are picky eaters among your guests.

Schedule a time

4. Tasting Tips - 

Don’t choose your caterer based solely on your tasting. (It’s easy to cook a good meal for two people. Checking references will let you know whether a caterer’s skills extend to large groups.) Also, try at least two items for each course so you’ll have an alternative if your original idea doesn’t pan out.

5. Be Careful with Restaurants -

Serving a group of two hundred and preparing plates one by one are two different things. If you choose restaurant catering, make sure the place has wedding experience, the appropriate equipment, and service-oriented staff.

6. Make a Printed Menu - 

If you're serving intriguing foods or using ingredients with special significance, explain them on a printed menu placed on each table. Make sure it matches your caterer’s final list.

7. Focus on Services - 

Good food is only half the battle. Ask references whether the staff went the distance to ensure guests were served in an appropriately beautiful, friendly, fast, and attentive manner.

8. Curb Corkage Fees - 

Purchase a set amount of liquor yourselves if you can; if bartenders simply open new bottles as needed, the cost per bottle opened (the corkage fee) can get astronomical. Also, have someone watch over the bottle counting;  it is easy to make a mistake.

9. Beware the Beer and Wine Option - 

People often limit drink options to beer and wine to help contain costs, but keep in mind that wine may well be pricer than hard alcohol - you’ll get about five drinks out of a bottle of wine and twenty out of a bottle of alcohol.

10. Serve a Speciality Cocktail - 

A great way to add color and festive flair is to offer, a special drink in addition to (or in lieu of) champagne. Consider something thematic: spiked eggnog, or cider during winter; rum punch or Pina Coladas for island flavor; cosmopolitans or martinis for an urban-lounge-like fee

How much of your wedding budget did you allocate to food and alcohol?

Not as much as I thought I would.                  At least 40 percent, if not more.

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  1. What fantastic ideas. I had no idea alcohol and food were so much of a wedding budget.

  2. Actually I am getting married soon as well. And this is indeed a helpful post for me.

    1. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! I am glad uou found this helpful. Please share.

  3. $300 per guest?? I've never had a meal that expensive! I hope all of my kids elope! I have a friend pouring $65k into her daughter's dream wedding. I just can't even imagine!

    1. Catering can get to be very expensive, especially when your guest count is high. Thanks for visiting and for your feedback. Please share.

  4. Such great points to keep in mind whether its your own wedding or you are planning someone's ... I think it is the wisdom that will save that extra money and can still give a great memory

    1. I am glad you found these tips helpful. Thanks for visiting and sharing your feedback. Please share.

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    1. Thanks for visitng and for your feedback. Please share.


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