"Every wedding has a story to share... So, how are you going to share your story so that your invited guests and friends will remember?"

What Questions You Should Ask Cake Designers + Bakers

The Top 10 Questions You Should Have Ready 

We all agree, your wedding cake should taste goodlook good and turn heads at the same time, not forgetting your dress. So, to make sure you have all three and nothing less, make sure you work with a baker/designer who is able to capture the essence of your personalities, tastes, and styles in your cake. You want your guests to remember everything about your wedding, cake included, long after your wedding day.

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Remember, you can take your time booking the cake, even waiting until the final months before your wedding date. So, don't rush into ordering your cake until you are sure about everything, from your style to the designer/baker. Below, we have curated a few questions that will help you to get started. 

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Consider these 10 Questions to Ask Cake Designers & Bakers

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  1. Will the designer create a custom cake, or are there specific styles to choose from? Look at photos and actual cakes, if possible. (Bring pictures if you have a custom cake style in mind)
  2. What ingredients are used - fresh or puree, Italian buttercream, farm-fresh butter, kosher? (This may or may not be crucial to you, but the better the ingredients, the better a cake will taste! It could also cost more.) Ask for a list of cake flavors and fillings.
  3. How far in advance are cakes prepared? (The closer to your wedding date the better.)
  4. Is there a baker and a designer, or does one person do the entire cake, from batter to sugar flowers? How many people work with the designer? (You’ll get an idea of the time it takes the shop to put out a cake. Whether it’s a single person or a team of people, however, should have no bearing on quality.)
  5. How many wedding cakes does the shop do a weekend? (This will also tell you how many time the shop puts into each cake)
  6. If you want to garnish your cake with fresh flowers, will the cake designer work with your florist, or are you responsible for procuring the blooms?
  7. Are cakes priced by the slice or by the cake? Are different flavors or filings priced differently? Will there be extra labor costs if the cake is one of a kind or complex? (Ask for a price list.)
  8. Does the price include the top cake tier, or is it extra?
  9. Is the baker licensed by the state health department? (Very important)
  10. Does she or he deliver? How much does it cost? (If the cake is large, delicate, or complicated, the extra cost is worth it.)
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  1. This is a great list of questions! Question #2 can be extremely important if you know someone in the wedding party or guests that have allergies to foods (like nuts, peanuts, or gluten). If a cake designer or bakery is not willing to discuss ingredients, perhaps a different bakery needs to be found. (I had an experience with one gluten free bakery that refused to discuss the possibility of different flours for cupcakes I was wanting for an event. Another gluten free bakery was happy to discuss which flours they used and other options that were available if needed.) ~Adrienne from Gluten Free Preppers and a member of the Blogger's Pit Stop Crew

    1. This is why it's good to share these information during the Q&A. Thanks for sharing. #bloggerspitstopcrew


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