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Here's The Secret to Planning a Great Bachelor Party

The key to a successful bachelor party is thorough planning and organization - wedding planning - wedding ideas - bachelor party idea - partial coordination - K'Mich Weddings Philadelpihia PA

How TO Plan a Bachelor's Party The Right Way

The key to a successful bachelor party is thorough planning and organization. To get the ball rolling, you will want to speak with the guest of honor about your intentions. Discuss the guest list and any activities the groom should know about. If you are planning a surprise party, remember that the groom’s calendar may be cluttered in the final days before the wedding. You should clear the date with him and still keep the party details a secret.

Selecting a Date and Time
The groom should let you know when he will be available. It is common to see the party scheduled at least a week before the wedding, if not earlier.

Determine Party Theme
Make sure the party’s tone matches the groom’s personality. Keep in mind the general disposition of your guests. Do they know one another? If not, you might begin the party with icebreaker (such as Q&A, to name one) games to help them get acquainted. 

The Guest List
The groom should get to choose who should be a bachelor on his special night.

Invitations should go out 3-4 weeks in advance, if possible. Include the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and direction. You should write RSVP on the invitation to ensure an accurate headcount. Remember to include your phone number and a date by which you would like guests to respond.

Location, Location, Location
The most important ingredient in a successful party-planning recipe is the venue. The guest's list will influence your location decision.

Who Should Guide Your Sleigh Tonight?
If there is going to be a lot of drinking, hire a car service if needed, like Uber/Lfyt for example.

Footing the Bill
You need to consider how the fun will be financed. Whichever option you choose, communicate clearly to your guests the costs involved and eliminate any extravagant activities that might preclude participation. 

Things You Want to Keep In Mind When Planning:

1. The Really Rich Way
If you are dripping with money you could pay the entire bill for the evening’s festivities

2. The Meet-You-Halfway Way
This method lets you pick up a designated portion of the party expenses – rental, facility, entertainment, etc. Or, you could host a warm-up party in your home and serve drinks on the house. Guests would then pay for their drinks and snacks during the evening of barhopping. You could also consider recruiting an assistant host and splitting the expenses. If you are having the party at a restaurant, you could ask guests to purchase their main course while you provide complimentary dessert and champagne.

3. The Split-the-Works Way
If money is tight, you could consider having everyone go Dutch treat. As host, your role would be reduced to event coordinator without carrying the additional burden of financing the festivities.

4. The Perfect Party Checklist
After you have visualized your party from beginning to end, create a month to month checklist to help you to follow through and stay on track.

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