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How You Can Save Money Almost Instantly

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The Ultimate Guide - Venues

So, after your engagement and reveling, the next thing is to pick a wedding date. By doing this, it will let you see what or who (vendors) is available for your special date. Keep in mind, all weddings are not created equal. Some venues will cost you more because it is more popular, whether it's during the wedding season you are booking your venue. These and more can determine whether your venue will fit your budget.

Find your location fast. Your choice will define your wedding style and dictate most of your other planning decisions Try to book a year in advance - for the most popular places, a year and a half (or even two years) is not too early. Also, make sure you have a good idea of the headcount before you begin looking; a site for fifty is completely different from one for five hundred.

So, if you are on a tight budget and looking to pick a date that won't break your budget, here are some options that will not send you over the cliff.

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Wedding dates that will save you cash 

1. Any Friday 13th - 
This is only if you are not superstitious. Fridays for venues are usually slow for them so they will welcome your date and you will be in your budget.

2. The first weekend in January
This is a great option - it's after the holidays and travel prices are low. Also, in most places, it's cold and cold months will generally cost you less.

3. Weekends in the month of March - 
Ideal month for a wedding. It's not wedding season so vendors and venues will be less expensive.

How You Can Save Money Almost Instantly
Final thoughts
So, before you start pounding the pavement, create a list of what you imagine your wedding location to be. It will give your search some focus and keep you on track. 

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