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Wedding Planning Stresses: The 5 [Activities] To Start Doing to Relieve them

Wedding Planning Stresses: The 5 Activities To Start Doing to Relieve those Stresses-wedding planning-wedding day-diy planning tips-Weddings by KMich-PhiladelphiaPA

Ellie Kemper said that if you're going to plan a wedding, 

then a certain amount of suffering is NOT a choice, 

and she couldn't be more right.

Preparing for the biggest day of your life is not all rainbows and sunshine. Wedding planning requires having eyes and ears everywhere, so everything runs smoothly.

At this point, an amount of stress seems inevitable.

For this truly beautiful and blessed event not to turn into a nightmare but a dream come true, you need some serious de-stress hacks to lift your mood.

Here are 5 effective tips to relieve stress and make your wedding planning journey enjoyable.

How Long Will It Take To Plan a Perfect Wedding?

A wedding is a one-day event, so it won't take THAT long to plan it.

Not exactly.

Even though this is a one-day ceremony, planning such an event takes much longer. According to the latest research, it takes 6 to 12 months to prepare a wedding 100% - depending on your expectations of the day, of course.

Couples can spend between 200 and 300 hours with their planner. Wow!

If you're into big fancy weddings, the timeline will likely stretch in order to collect everything and organize the event. On the other hand, smaller and more intimate wedding ceremonies take up less time.

Regardless of the event's magnitude, feeling stressed and overwhelmed during planning is inevitable.

These 5 Valuable Tips Are Just Right When Planning

With these 5 tips, you'll successfully reduce your wedding planning stress, get back on track and plan the perfect day with ease.

  • Take Up New Hobbies

When you feel the wedding stress getting to you, log off for a moment and dedicate some time to yourself and your peace. One of the ways to relieve stress is to take up new hobbies. Trying something new will divert your attention from the stress you are currently feeling and redirect your energy into something fun and interesting. Sit down with your besties and try painting, meditation, solving a jigsaw puzzle, making soap, candles, and so on.

  • Work It Out

If you're a gym rat, there's not much we have to say. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the wedding process, just hit the gym and work it out. Exercise is a proven way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Your body will help you by producing endorphins, and before you know it, you'll be back on track.

  • Book A Spa Day

A day to yourself? Couldn't agree more.While some relieve stress by working out, others like to treat themselves to a nice, calm, and relaxing day at a spa. Book a massage, go for a swim or hit the sauna, but one thing is certain. Never underestimate the power of self-care.

  • Talk About It

Sometimes, the best therapy is talking to someone. Since wedding planning will take up a year of your life, there's no doubt that information will be coming in and out 24/7. The key is not to let yourself burn out and give up on your planning journey. You need a good listener. If you've got someone in mind, hit them up and sit down for a coffee. Sometimes, you just need a pair of ears that will listen to your struggles.

  • Skip Town

When everything becomes too much, and you feel like you can't do it anymore, it's important to remember that you can still do something for yourself. You can disappear for a few days and not be a runaway bride. Skipping town for a few days to get yourself together is not illegal. What's more, it's encouraged.A solo weekend trip or even a girls' getaway will help you forget about the stress you've been feeling.

Wedding Planning Stresses The 5 Activities To Start Doing to Relieve them

Final Thoughts

Wedding planning is full of beautiful moments; however, the stress can creep in at any time and try to throw you off the tracks. To get through this 6-12 months planning process, you'll need to devote some time to self-care.

You can try different things that'll help you calm down - take up new hobbies, work out, book a day at the spa, talk about it, or plan a weekend getaway.

You should be the happiest on your big day, and these de-stress hacks will surely help.
Wedding Planning Stresses The 5 Activities To Start Doing to Relieve them-wedding planning-diy wedding-day project-Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

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  1. "Regardless of the event's magnitude, feeling stressed and overwhelmed during planning is inevitable." Truer words were never spoken. With all the moving parts of a wedding, and the emotions that go along with it, how can it not be? So be proactive and start with one (or all) of these 5 tips to reduce your wedding planning stress.


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