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When You Feel Stressed, It's time to Call a Wedding Planner

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Here's Why You Should Call A Wedding Planner

Now that he put a ring on it... It's time to think about planning your wedding and why you should hire a planner.

We think everyone should save money whenever possible. Money saved really is money earned, especially when invested well. Therefore, hiring an event/wedding planner who is experienced in negotiating contracts with banquet halls, caterers, photographers, florists, and other vendors will help you do just that – save you money. The wedding planner saves valuable time and money and can help you avoid costly mistakes while turning your wedding dreams into reality.
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In an article that we recently read, it said that it takes an average of 120-700 hours to plan a wedding. Not surprising, 48% of brides would like to take time off work to plan their wedding if they could… read more

A wedding/event planner can serve in many other capacities as well. She can provide emotional support during this potentially stressful time as a listening ear and sounding board as you make important decisions. 

Your wedding planner may even mediate disagreements that place you in the middle of family disputes over minor details like the seating arrangement, picking up the in-laws from the airport, or who should come to the reception. The scenarios are endless but an experienced wedding planner has seen them all and can professionally handle any situation that may arise.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event— you do not have a second chance to correct mistakes. A planner can, and will, ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special day. So, consider hiring a wedding planner as you move forward in planning the day that will mark the beginning of the rest of your life. 

Hear what two women had to say on this: 

Q&A: Did you use a planner to plan part or all of your wedding?

Lori Frazier - Married 30 years -
"No, I did not use a planner for any part of my wedding. I was my own wedding planner
and some of the issues I encountered were: Coordinating the parents' entry into the ceremony along with 
  • Bridal party issues
  • Entertainment
  • Venues or catering hall coordination
  • Flowers
  • Just overall coordination of the reception
  • Lining up the program for the reception
I would advise a bride-to-be to invest in a wedding planner for partial planning or day-of if you can’t afford full planning. It will be a lifesaver if you do. You won’t encounter the chaos we went through on our wedding day."  

Staci Johnson - Married 10 years -
"I did not use a planner to help with or plan my wedding. It was very stressful for me with the overall planning and all. I did not know what I was doing in finding a caterer or the difference in invitations… Looking back, I wish I had invested in either partial planning or full planning this would have been a big help."

Important - Know the difference between a Wedding Planner vs a Wedding Coordinator 

Wedding Planner 

Coordinates the full planning of your wedding. S/he will negotiate contracts, set up meetings with vendors, budget planning, pay vendors, track schedules and more. Total hours a planner will put in - 80 - 250 hours.

Wedding Coordinato

Only does day-of service or wedding day planning. S/he will help with last-minute planning and meets with you four-eight weeks before the wedding. They will finalize contracts with vendors, review timeline, meet with vendors, view venue, assist with rehearsal. Total hours a planner will put in - 25 hours or a little more depending on how detailed the day-of service is.

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If you still have pressing questions for wedding coordinator, schedule a FREE 30-min phone consult with us.

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  1. I’ve always dreamed of planning my own wedding. But as I get older and have more things on my plate, I’m leaning towards a wedding planner doing it for me

    1. Congrats on your engagement! With so many things going on in our lives, it's a good idea to hire someone to help you through one of the best moment you will experience in your life. Thanks for visiting and for sharing your feedback. Please share.

  2. I was so glad that I had a day of coordinator. My wedding was a destination so having someone there during the day of to help me figure out what to do was a blessing!

    1. Congrats on your recent nuptial! And, we are glad you had a coordinator to help you through the planning process. Thanks for visiting and for sharing your feedback. Please share


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