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Are You Doing Vegan Desserts At Your Reception?

Dessert options-vegan dessert-wedding food-A Love Supreme Vegan Cream- Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

Vegan Treats to Try At Your Next Event

When looking for a vegan alternative for dessert, 
you want to opt for something rich and classy.

One of the most important details of your wedding day is the dessert that you will share with all of your family and friends during your reception. A wedding cake is a traditional option, but many couples are opting for unique dessert options for their special day. For vegan couples, a cake is not an option. 

However, there are plenty of vendors that provide delicious vegan dessert options for you to share with your guests. Not only are these desserts delicious, but they are made with no animal products of any kind. 

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and life together, serve a dessert that you can be proud of. Here are some wedding ideas for vegan couples that are sure to impress your guests.

Vegan desserts to Impress:

1. Vegan Ice Cream

When looking for a vegan alternative for dessert, you want to opt for something rich and classy. Ice cream is a delicate and delicious dessert that your guests will love.

Vegan desserts you can order:

A Love Supreme Vegan Cream in Philadelphia makes delicious dairy-free, oil-free, and low-sugar vegan creams that are packed with seasonal superfoods. Their vegan creams are decedent and come in a variety of flavors so that your guests can choose their favorite. Vegan Ice Cream is refreshing and packed with natural energy that will prepare your guests for a night of dancing and celebrating. ABC news
dessert options-vegan dessert-wedding food-A Love Supreme Vegan Cream- Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA
dessert options-vegan dessert-wedding food-A Love Supreme Vegan Cream- Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PAdessert options-vegan dessert-wedding food-A Love Supreme Vegan Cream- Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

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2. Vegan Tarts 

Many couples are bidding adieu to traditional cakes and choosing to serve tarts at their wedding reception. Tarts offer a delicious alternative that you can personalize to your taste and, there are endless options for vegan tarts. Vegan tarts are light and delicate and can feature your favorite fruits or floral flavors. You can get them in personal size tart cups for sized tarts that can be shared at each table. Showcase your relationship with personalized vegan tarts on your wedding day.
Dessert options-vegan dessert-wedding food-A Love Supreme Vegan Cream- Weddings by KMich Philadelphia PA

3. Mousses
A great Mousse is a game-changer. It can be delicate yet rich and elevate your guests' experience. Vegan Mousses are a great alternative to traditional cakes because they come in a variety of delicious flavors so your guest can get exactly what they are looking for. From deep and delicious vegan chocolate to light and refreshing strawberry cream, you will be able to choose the flavors that fit your wedding day best.

4. Vegan Cupcakes

If you want to maintain a small touch of tradition, vegan cupcakes are the perfect wedding dessert alternative. Vegan Cupcakes can be made in any flavor you want and are often lighter and moister than traditional wedding cakes. Vegan cupcakes can feature beautiful designs to match your wedding's theme and color scheme.

Are You Doing Vegan Desserts At Your Reception?
Final Thoughts
Contrary to popular belief, choosing a vegan alternative for your wedding dessert does not mean that you have to sacrifice flavor and quality. From delicious and creamy vegan ice cream to completely customizable cupcakes, these options allow you to maintain your dietary needs while still providing an unforgettable dessert for your loved ones on your special day. 

We know that every couple has their own unique story to tell, all of which lead to that pivotal moment of when she finally said “Yes.'' Make sure to capture that timeless moment which will tell another beautiful story that you, your family, and guests will remember forever.

About the author: Keren Michele, CEP, leads the planning team at K’Mich Event Planning & Consulting. With a flair for creativity in organizing one-of-a-kind weddings and events, she is passionate about providing valuable ideas for couples as they plan their special day.

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A Love Supreme Vegan Cream-wedding desserts-vegan desserts-wedding food-Weddings by KMich-Willow Grove PA


  1. Lots of delicious vegan options for wedding desserts. It's really not necessary to go the traditional route of serving cake. Thanks for linking up at Talent-Sharing Tuesdays.

    1. I am not vegan, but those ice-creams sure do look delicious. I plan on trying the purple reign flavor. Thanks for sharing and visiting, Carol.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday, 578. Hope you have a great week and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

    1. Thank you for visiting and allowing our post there.

  3. Vegan Desserts can be wonderful! I'm vegan but I don't have a lot of desserts, oddly.

    1. It's hard to find great tasting delicious desserts to try. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  4. As I'm gluten free I've noticed many desserts are also suitable for vegans also, I tend to find them a bit too sweet to make up for the lack of dairy products, but in general they are a nice alternative. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo


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