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Honeymoon: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

But is a honeymoon an unnecessary additional expense? 
Is there a solution to the challenges with the burden of planning for it?

Growing up, honeymoon used to be the dream of every teen's wedding plans. It was as the saying goes, the icing on the cake. The prospect of riding into the sunset with the Love of your Life, and after the conclusion of your wedding, was a moment just too good to not fantasize about. 

For me, this was greatly inspired by romantic movies and fairy tale happy ending cartoons such as Cinderella, Barbie, and many more. But unfortunately, when adulthood struck, a different reality sank in. Honeymoon, once the toppings of wedding celebrations, is now considered by many as unnecessary additional expenses. For some others, too much stress to plan.

These are some of the key reasons that have led to the steady decline in honeymoon in several parts of the world and here in Philadelphia.

But is a honeymoon an unnecessary additional expense? Is there a solution to the challenges with the burden of planning for it?

These and lots more are some of the things we're going to find out today.

4 Possible Reasons Newly Wedded Couples don't go for Honeymoon

  1. Money - some couples neglect their honeymoon because of the cost that comes with the vacation. However, experts in wedding planning like K'Mich have created suitable honeymoon packages for any  budget. 

  2. The Stress of Planning - Planning for a wedding is a very tedious task so it's very understandable that most couples would be exhausted and would dread the added stress of planning their honeymoon. Most couples as a result would rather not do it, and try to find a less stressful alternative (stacation).

  3. Individual Differences -This might come as a surprise to you but we've seen cases where couples have arguments on where their honeymoon should be. In some of those cases, they can't end up reaching a compromise and end up scrapping the honeymoon or seeking alternatives.

  4. Not knowing - some newlywed couples' honeymoon is less important so they decided not to plan/ budget for it. Also, most couples nowadays don't know the importance of a honeymoon being a necessity for marriage. 

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More to this, some people do not have an idea on how to plan a honeymoon. If you don't know how to run a plan for your honeymoon, you contact one of our  wedding planners  to help you out. 

How We Improved Our HONEYMOON -honeymoon guide-couples goals-married- Weddings by KMich Willow Grove PA

The Benefits and Importance of Honeymoon 

Below is a list of these benefits. 

  1. It helps couples relax, have fun, and plan for the future.

  2. Honeymoon strengthens marriage and helps couples to understand each other (especially those whose courtship isn't up to 2 years)

  3. A honeymoon is an opportunity for couples to rest from stress and have sweet memories together.

Acouples guide to planning a great honeymoon-Weddings by KMich Willow Grove PA

Wondering how to rock your honeymoon? Use these 4 easy steps to make it a reality!

Here are a few tips for planning the perfect honeymoon; 

  • Plan your honeymoon with your partnerthis will help you to be specific about your partner's wants including the days you will both like to spend and the places he/ she would like to visit.

  • Choose the best time to go to avoid stressing your partner, agree on the perfect time to go while preparing for your honeymoon. 

  • Think about using a professional wedding planner –  To avoid burdens and challenges that from honeymoon planning, the solution that works best is to hire a professional who will help you research the perfect honeymoon destination in line with your budget. 

  • Ask a honeymoon coordinator —  consider speaking with the one of our  wedding coordinator to understand more about your vacation. 


Final Thoughts

We are experts in event planning services and have worked with couples to create an unforgettable honeymoon experience. If you want to know more about us or get the very latest trends and best practices to help guide your planning, check out our About Us page, then follow us on Pinterest or IG for more awesome wedding soiree ideas, and subscribe here at this link. 

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  1. I am a senior citizen now but when I married my second husband, our honeymoon was precious for our marriage. The dreams for our future were talked about and pondered and so much more during those ten days. The honeymoon gave us that peaceful and relaxing time to look beyond the moment. We were 45 yo at the time, going to a place neither of us had ever been in the USA so the memories are precious to this day. I cannot imagine not having that time.

    1. I am glad you were able to take a honeymoon and found it to be helpful. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  2. Michelle, I love your post!!! I thought I'd shared this but it may be that my computer died the other day as I was trying to finish... Anyway, just wanted to say that I was happy to feature your wedding honeymoon (or not!) post at this past week's Share Your Style #366 for you. <3

    Always a quandry whether to have a honeymoon or take a nice vacation later on. I hate that everything always revolves around money... :( My niece and nephew went a few days after their destination wedding (Tennessee) to a secret location (ended up being Lake Tahoe, CA). Another young friend and her husband camped for a week for theirs and rock climbed across the southwest but left a few days after their wedding (which I also attended!). I was soooo surprised to see them show up at my best friends' home the next morning. <3

    Anyway, happy to have featured your post at Wednesday's Share Your Style #336 for you this week,
    Big hugs,
    Barb :)

    1. Thanks for featuring our article on your site. Yes, this is usually an issue with couples they usually don't include this in their budget planning, which we highly recommend. Taking a honeymoon, will help with decompressing, relaxation and enjoy each others company without any distractions.

  3. Interesting to see how life changes - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. Yes, life has changed and a lot. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  4. These are good tips to avoid the added stress of planning the "perfect" honeymoon. It should be a time of relaxation and fun - not a stressful burden. Thank you for linking up at Talent-Sharing Tuesdays 8.

    1. Absolutely. Taking that honeymoon is well needed, especially after planning your wedding. Thanks for sharing and visiting.


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