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What Should You Put IN Your Makeup Bag?

The 3 must-have Makeup essential you need to have in your makeup bag

Guest Blogger: Michelle @ Concept Studio Beauty Fashion

Our skin is being challenged through the consistent need to protect ourselves and others. Yet there are simple effective ways to transform our skin from becoming dry due to mask protection, maintaining moisture, and continuing the "glo" we all love. The three skincare products that should be a staple in your beauty bag is a great eye cream, refreshing spray, and moisturizer. 

These three products are a part of the building blocks of an effective ever-changing skincare routine. These products are apart of a balanced skin care system that focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, and treatments.

As we move throughout our day our beauty bags must conform to our immediate skin needs. Take a break in a private space and allow your skin to breathe. Try refreshing it with one or all of these skincare suggestions.

Top 3 Best Makeup Essentials You Need In Your Bag, NOW

The Benefits of Using Eye Creams
Depuffs. Hydrates. Refreshes
The eyes are the most delicate parts of our faces. Hydration is key to avoiding the early signs of aging. Today we must also add the constant stress of the tips of our mask rubbing next to our delicate eye area. Taking time on our breaks from work or recreation to allow the skin to recharge with a dab of moisturizing eye cream will soon become a habit of necessity. There are several types of textures of eye creams that will address different eye concerns.

Concept Studio Beauty Fashion-beauty tips-make essentials-K'Mich Weddings - Philadelphia PA
Products that address the concerns of dehydrated eyes are cream or balm based products. These products seal the eyes' natural moisture level, to prevent dehydration. If your eye area tends to be oily a gel-based product will level the delicate balance of the eye back to normal. Eye serums boost the efficiency of your eye creams and gels. Most of these serums are meant to penetrate the eye area as a first step before applying your eye moisturizer.

How to pick an eye cream that gets results

The Benefit of a Face Mist

Refreshes. Soothing

Feeling tight and dry, take a break and refresh the skin with a light mist.  

Face mist is a must-have for our beauty bags. These refreshers can provide not only relief from our mask, but they also can address other concerns. The hydrating mist or purified waters are great during this time of wearing our mask. They provide a refreshing renewal to tired skin. Face mist also addresses concerns of anti-aging, brightness, and setting makeup. They are great companions to our moisturizers.

The Benefits of Moisturizers

Renews. Moisturizes. Hydrates

Moisturizers are the best way to recover a healthy texture to your skin. The key to maintaining a healthy texture is consistency and knowing your skin type. Dryer skin types will benefit from a cream-based moisturizer, but an extra dry skin type would benefit from a balm based moisturizer. Creams and balms are usually denser in their formulation to seal in hydration. Normal skin can benefit from a light cream or light gel moisturizer. Normal skin since it is balanced has the luxury of options. So, if your skin feels dry in any way be sure to use light cream. Or, a light gel if you think it feels oily.

Pro Tip: Oily skin is usually dry under the surface 

This skin type will compensate for deep dryness by sending as much oil to the surface as possible. The best way to balance this skin type is to use a Gel moisturizer. This type of moisturizer hydrates the surface of oily skin, which prevents oily skin from producing an excess of surface oils.

Final Thought

Take a moment away from your mask in an alone space to add much-needed moisture to your skin. After using your choice of facial mist to add that much needed light layer of hydration, rub together a dab of your choice moisturizer on the tips of your fingers. Compress to the cheeks and chin, and lightly massage your moisturizer to seal in instant hydration. Now when you return to wearing your mask you will feel refreshed and renewed.

Pro Tip: If you are required to wear a mask for a prolonged duration of time, try to pamper your skin every 2hrs. This will prevent your skin from internal damage from being confined to our mask.

 Safety first, beauty second... 

Have fun and be your own authentic beauty.

Guest Blogger: Michelle @ Concept Studio Beauty Fashion

Concept Studio Beauty Fashion-beauty tips-make essentials-K'Mich Weddings - Philadelphia PA


  1. Great tips! I'm glad I have all these in my makeup bag.

  2. I have a couple of eye creams, but I leave them by the side of my bed to make sure I use them every night. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo

  3. Great tips for skin care especially now that the weather is getting cooler.. Hydration is key! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


  4. My makeup bag needs sorting out, so I will follow your advice #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  5. I need to take note of your hydration tips - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  6. Great tips! My under eyes give me the biggest problems ugh.


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